Fine wool, nylon, and sisal flooring

40 Carats

40 Carats is yet another interpretation of the classic diamond pattern. Diamonds never go out of style and this one combines large felted, and core-wrapped yarns for truly remarkable good looks. Custom variations are readily available.

Fiber content: 
100% Wool
Country of origin: 
United States
40 Carats uses 1 color from yarn collections O or R.

Extra-large 3-ply felted wool yarn


Extra-large 4-ply felted wool yarn

Collection: Patterned Rugs

Manufacturing Type: robotic handtufted

Fiber Content: 100% Wool

Country of Origin: United States

Number of Colors: 2

Yarn Weight: 108 oz.

Total Weight: 153 oz.

Pattern Repeat: 11"w x 11"

Gauge: 11mm

Stitch Rate: 206/m

Primary Backing: woven poly

Secondary Backing: woven poly

Width: Custom

Pile Height: 1 1/4" x 1 1/2"

Product Options
Custom Colors Avail,: Yes

Min. Yardage Required: 54 sq. ft.

Custom Widths Avail.: Yes

Custom Constructions: Yes
Maximum Overage: None

Other: N/A

FOB: Riverside CA

Avail. as Area Rugs: Yes