Fine wool, nylon, and sisal flooring


Drawing on the successes of other products in the Shagtastic Collection, Reflexions offers a similar long flowing pure wool texture with a hint more flow and adds the shimmering luster of nylon accent yarns. Presented in six standard color-ways, Reflexions offers virtually unlimited custom flexibility and a new level of attainability for such an exquisite style.

Fiber content: 
71% Wool, 29% Nylon
5 feet to 15 feet
REFLEXIONS is made using one yarn from collection I two yarns in any combination from collection J and 4 yarns in any combination from collection A

Ultra-fine, thread like wool yarn


Singles felted wool


2-ply nylon accent yarn with lustrous, metallic finish

Collection: Shag Rugs

Manufacturing Type: tufted

Fiber Content: 71% Wool, 29% Nylon

Country of Origin:

Number of Colors: 7

Yarn Weight: 78 oz.

Total Weight: 128 oz.

Pattern Repeat: N/A

Gauge: 1/2"

Stitch Rate: 19/6'

Primary Backing: woven poly

Secondary Backing: woven poly

Width: 5 feet to 15 feet

Pile Height: 2 1/8"
Product Options
Custom Colors Avail,: Yes

Min. Yardage Required: 54 sq. ft.

Custom Widths Avail.: Yes

Custom Constructions: Yes
Maximum Overage: None

Other: N/A

FOB: Riverside CA

Avail. as Area Rugs: Yes