Fine wool, nylon, and sisal flooring

!00% Pure New Wool


Tightly-twisted yarns of 100% Pure New Wool are tufted into a dense, ribbed, loop-pile construction. The result is HOMESTEAD a high performance carpet ideally suited for even the most active households. HOMESTEAD is an exceptional blend of good looks and great natural color-ways with unsurpassed performance.


Dartmouth is a multi-level, loop-pile carpet presented in and understated, casual, grid-like texture that is compatible with any décor. Created using 100% pure new wool, Dartmouth is available in the four color-ways.


Dynasty's perfectly scaled pattern makes a sleek, sophisticated, and elegant statement on any floor. Woven using 100% Pure New Wool, Dynasty is offered in an abbreviated collection of three subtly heathered color-ways.


The diamond, one of the most popular elements of interior design since the advent of interiors is perfectly replicated in Arlington.  Manufactured using 100% Pure New Wool and presented in an abbreviated collection of three subtly heathered background shades Arlington is a viable flooring option for any home.


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