Fine wool, nylon, and sisal flooring

Here's A Brilliant Idea! Custom Colors

Our current price list shows over 65 broadloom products available in over 350 colors. The vast majority of those colors are "full-house" background shades. There's very little in the way of green, blue and red, but there are a whole lot of perfect neutrals that pair beautifully with green, blue, or red. Great! 
But maybe you've got a bright idea that you'd like us to duplicate your own perfect shade. Medium light olive-drab with a touch of pink? No problem! Our ability to custom color wool cuts, loops, and multi-colored patterns as well as nylon loops in solids and heathers is unsurpassed.
They're all made right here in Southern California so our turn-around times are quick, and our yardage requirements are surprisingly low. Even lower sometimes if you ask real nice. So give us a try. You'll like the results.

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