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Unique Perspectives - July 2019

Unique Perspectives
July, 2019

Here's A Brilliant Idea! Custom Colors 

Our current price list shows over 65 broadloom products available in over 350 colors. The vast majority of those colors are "full-house" background shades. There's very little in the way of green, blue and red, but there are a whole lot of perfect neutrals that pair beautifully with green, blue, or red. Great! 
But maybe you've got a bright idea that you'd like us to duplicate your own perfect shade. Medium light olive-drab with a touch of pink? No problem! Our ability to custom color wool cuts, loops, and multi-colored patterns as well as nylon loops in solids and heathers is unsurpassed.
They're all made right here in Southern California so our turn-around times are quick, and our yardage requirements are surprisingly low. Even lower sometimes if you ask real nice. So give us a try. You'll like the results.

Commercial Flooring Report - Carpet

Last month we suggested you take advantage of a FREE subscription to the Commercial Flooring Report. This month's issue includes a very well done article on carpet. Check it out. It's really worth reading.

Commercial Flooring Report Volume 129 - June 2019

No flooring material says style, fashion, comfort and warmth like carpet. No hard surface flooring can compete in these categories no matter what you think of it or how you perceive it. Tufted or woven carpet today can be made to look like anything, and designing a pattern is only limited by one's imagination. This applies to broadloom and carpet tile although broadloom would be the undisputed leader in unlimited pattern and design. Carpet tile styling, which was certainly on display at Neocon this year, is close but when you have to put pieces of modular flooring down the design restrictions are naturally going to be limited especially for expansive and unrepeatable patterns. It's ludicrous to hear sales pitches about vinyl plank and tile being soft and comfortable under foot. It's hard surface flooring after all with the emphasis on hard. Hard surface flooring is never soft, warm and comfortable underfoot and it can never compete with carpet in this arena.

Newsletter Back Issues

Since 2010 we've written 103 of these (this one is 104).  Here's how you can easily re-experience the unbridled joy of each and every one of them. All of the newsletters we've sent thus far are available on our website. Just click on the 'Newsletter" section on our homepage or click here. Now you can study any time you like, which is good because there will be a final exam.
SPECIALS - Great In stock values
Amsterdam - 4140
Homestead Mill Special
Homestead - 4428

Breckenridge Mill Special
Breckenridge - 2104

Sea Breeze Mill Special
Sea Breeze - 5187

Here are a few of the latest offerings. They all represent great values and you don't need to take the entire roll to get the great price: Order what you need. To see them all click  here.
Edge Treatment for Broadloom Rugs

Check out these binding options! Nice wouldn't you say? Cotton, Linen,  Leather, and Serging is all available right here at Unique in the colors shown. These are perfect finishing touches for rugs made from our wool, nylon, sisal, and seagrass broadloom products. They're all available (quickly) in any size you like. If you don't have cuttings of our binding options, give us a call and we'll send you some.

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