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Unique Perspectives - June 2019

Unique Perspectives
June, 2019


Not to overplay it, but we're introducing another new product. Something we seldom  do ...  Only six times in the last twelve months.  It's  INVERNESS  and it's a  big, bold loop- pile in a high-low grid-like texture that is absolutely stunning.  It's ideal for folks who want  their carpet to be noticed.  Here's a little back -story on where the name came from. Inverness is a city in northern Scotland and  it' s situated where the Ness River flows  through the Moray Firth out to the North Sea. Well that's nice and all but more  importantly Inverness is regarded as the capital of the Highlands with many craft woolen mills and manufacturers located there. But even more important than that is Inverness was recently determined to be the happiest place in Scotland. Since happiness is good, we named our latest product Inverness. Ours is a heavyweight crafted of 100% pure Wool and is offered in the four natural heather color-ways . It'll be available within the next few weeks. We're pretty sure you'll be happy to see it.

The Impact of Color

We know what you're thinki ng. Who are we to talk about
color when our broadloom products have an average of
five shades and generally not an actual color among them.
Well throttle back a little and let us just say that beige is a
color and we certainly have that covered. As far as actual
color is concerned, it
' s easy to put together a color line of thirty or forty shades. Just add the necessary background shades a few throw away colors to spice things up and colors reflecting cu rrent fashion trends to show you've got your finger on the pulse of  fashion and there you are . It's not so easy when selecting only four or five colors. 

We  have to study current color trends and take it the next step to determine what background shade rhymes with trending colors such as teal, scarlet, orange or blue. This is an important step since trending colors  really don't work well in as dominant a  roll as wall-to-wall and are best utilized as accent shades in upholstery, drapery fabrics, accent pillows, etc. So our job (yours too actually) is to find the correct background shades that work with all of that. Years ago the popular background shades were gold, warm beige and white. Today  they're cool -beige, taupe, and gray. Nothing can visually cool things down or warm things up more than the selection of floor- covering...any floor - covering. Since it takes up such a large percentage of total interior surface, the floor- covering selection is very impactful on the overall design . It's the foundation upon  which good interior design sits. Another surprising aspect of color is selecting colors from swatches can be tricky because medium to light shades always appear lighter than the swatch when seen in a wall-to-wall or area rug setting. The same is true for medium to dark shades; they always look darker than the swatch. It is again a result of the color taking such a large percentage of the interior space.
SPECIALS - Great In stock values
To make room for several exciting new products currently in-works, the following products have been retired:
  • Bristol/Cambridge
  • Breckenridge
  • Crestline
  • Homestead
You should separate samples of these items from active items (or mark them as drops)  but don't throw them out just yet. They've been moved to specials and we have good  inventory of most . It's all first - quality material and it's  available at significantly reduced prices. And, to make room for  those  new additions to specials, we've reduced prices on  several of the existing specials. So check them all out. Buy some even.
Breckenridge - 2111
Cambridge - 4193
Crestline- 2139
Here are a few of the latest offerings. They all represent great values and you don't need to take the entire roll to get the great price: Order what you need. To see them all click  here.

Knowing Stuff is Good

Since the consumers of any flooring material consume it so infrequently they are generally dumber than stove wood when it comes to the flooring material they wish to consume. That being the case, it's imperative that we have a good working knowledge of the stuff we sell. It can help justify the prices we charge, it allows us to provide the best products based on each consumers unique circumstances and it assists us in professionally handling those always-annoying complaints. Here are three ways to know more stuff.
  1. Handling complaints can be far less challenging based on this helpful site, If you need an independent accredited inspector, you can easily find one or more in your area for no-charge. For a very reasonable annual subscription you have also have access to hundreds of full-color photos and descriptions of over 200 common flooring issues (hard surface as well as carpet)
  2. The Commercial Flooring Report. This newsletter is written by Lew Migliore, an accredited inspector and President of LGM & Associates providing technical flooring services in the US, Canada and internationally. He has been sharing his wealth of knowledge in print and on line for decades. If Lew doesn't know it, idoesn't need to be known. Although commercially focused, much of the Commercial Flooring Report relates to a variety of products whether sold commercially or residentially. For a free subscription click here.
  3. The great book with the not-so-short name, "The Ultimate Carpet Manufacturing, Inspection and Claims Manual" is co-written by David Zack (head detective at and Carey Mitchell. Both are industry veterans with a wealth of knowledge. The book covers carpet manufacturing, fibers, backings, cleaning, common claims, corrective actions and much more. A great book for carpet professionals and those who want to be. It's not cheap but click here and get it; for 35% off. But wait! ... There's more! Order now and get a free copy of The Carpet Book, Claims Guide PLUS free shipping.

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