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Unique Perspectives - April 2019

Unique Perspectives
April, 2019

Beyond the Pale
beyond the pale old fence
That's PALE not PAIL and it's a noun meaning a stake or pointed piece of wood. A 'paling' fence surrounded Dublin a few hundred years ago. Inside was safe, but "beyond the pale" was the domain of uncivilized ruffians, brutes, louts and ne'er-do-wells. We're pretty sure that's no longer the case and we're also pretty sure that you're humble scribe is a few shillings shy of a quid because none of that is remotely relevant here, other than the Dublin part. Here is the weakest of links to all of that; we've named our latest broadloom introduction Dublin. It's a 100% pure wool loop-pile that, according to  our marketing guys, "draws inspiration from the cobbled lanes and pebbled paths of Ireland". How about those marketing guys? Anyway, Dublin's casual good looks, great selection of useable background shades, and reasonable price make it an ideal addition to any d├ęcor. We're presently in the final stages of product development. Samples will be available within the new few weeks.
Dublin color ways
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Amsterdam mill special
Amsterdam - 4140
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Santana - 2119
Envoy - 2103
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New Product Updates

Previewed in our January and February newsletter, here's the latest on our most recent broadloom introductions.

Bellaire with pots
Westport room
Samples began shipping last month and good inventory exists in all colors.

Product is in stock and samples are shipping as you read this. Boldly assuming you're reading this.

Complaints, we hate them.
Here are a couple of things you're likely to see in carpet that's just been delivered. They
are quite common and they look like defects but they're not.  Honest.

tru-meter measure This gizmo is called a Tru-Meter. It measures the carpet as it's being rolled out prior to being cut to fill your orders. Every manufacturer uses them. To make certain it's accurate it pushes against the carpet with a fair amount of pressure which can leave a dent about 2" wide the entire length of the roll. The dent doesn't show in this photo because loops don't have as much pile flow as cuts. Every mill gets several calls a year about "a two inch wide defect... a low line about 18 inches in from the edge" If you see one of these as you're unrolling a just-delivered piece of carpet, don't worry.It's a simple case of temporary pile compression and will go away with vacuuming and exposure to foot traffic. Honest.

carpet streaks Speaking of mill-induced temporary pile compression, here's another version. Rather than two inches wide this one is very narrow and rather than running down the length of the roll, this one runs across the width.  It's often erroneously called a stop-mark. OK, since we've mentioned a stop mark we better explain that.  If a tufting machine stops during manufacture, when it restarts the tension on the restart can be greater than during normal operation causing one or two rows to pull down shorter than the surrounding rows. With modern tufting equipment stop marks are very rare, which is good because they do not go away. The pile-compression version of that look is caused when the leading edge of the carpet makes its first revolution around the core and comes into contact with the face of the carpet. This creates a line of pile-compression across the width of the carpet and is always between 12 and 18 inches in from the end of the roll. This too is temporary but may take a bit longer to disappear than that caused by a tru-meter. But it will go. Honest!

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