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Unique Perspectives March, 2019

Unique Perspectives
March, 2019

Broadloom Rugs

One of the first things consumers notice after installing their shiny new wood/stone/tile floor is how cool (as is cold) and echo-y (as in noisy) it is. And the best way to warm it up and turn down the volume is by putting a rug on top of it.  Apart from our shag and patterned rugs that are custom-made-to-order, we're seeing significant growth in simple bound-only broadloom rugs. Which makes sense since carpet, especially wool carpet, is an excellent insulator keeping things warm and cozy in winter and cool and comfortable in summer. Also sound is absorbed in carpet keeping the volume at an acceptable level. We have approximately 70, that's right seven oh, seventy, broadloom styles in numerous textures and color-ways and we can cut them to virtually any size or shape of rug that you desire. We can serge them with color-coordinating yarn or bind them in cotton, linen, or leather (shown below are the available colors). We can provide our Uni-Lock Pad cut to be exactly compatible with your rug and even send the remaining broadloom scraps with your order if you choose. It's really a one-stop-shopping, full-service sort of deal. 

SPECIALS - Great In stock values
Key Largo - 2139
Sea Breeze - 5167
Bison - 4192
We have a large inventory of first-quality special buys offered at significant savings to you. Here are a few examples. To see them all click here.
Top Sellers

Here's a list of our top five selling products in 2018. Since there are some newcomers on the list we thought you might find it interesting what's trending here at Unique. And if any of  these haven't been among your better sellers, our overall sales would indicate they're worth a second look.

Softer Than Sisal preview
1. Softer Than Sisal
This is NOT a newcomer to the list. It has been our top seller for over 25 years.  It's the kind of stuff you can sell to rich Aunt Bertha and not have to worry about being written out of the will. It's a timeless look and a great performer.

Bolero preview
2. Bolero
Introduced in 2014, Bolero is a beautifully subtle grid-like texture, that's been so well receive we augmented it with it's companion product, Bolero II  2016. Together they make a formidable package of eight colors. A massive color-line by our standards.
Jazz preview
3. Jazz
Figuring that rich folks are slobs just like the rest of us, we Introduced a collection of upscale products using Stainmaster PetProtect nylon in July of 2015 and sales of Jazz showed our assumption was correct. Durable, Defile-able and Cleanable, Jazz is a real winner.
Orion preview
4. Orion
An excellent and problem-free performer at an exceptional price, Orion is a perfect example of totally un-offensive carpet. It quietly, and unassumingly creates an exceptional backdrop for any d├ęcor. Introduced in 2017 it rapidly "climbed the charts" into the top five.
Lanai preview
5. Lanai
Introduced in 2014, Lanai is sort of a newcomer.  It has been a real contributor and proves that low-profile "commercial-looking" carpets can sell well.  Subtle stripes in four natural colorways offer long-lasting good looks at a very attainable price.

Cushioning the Blow

We know there are plenty of folks out there who have very strong opinions about what types of carpet cushion should be used. And of course, those opinions vary. Some manufacturers feel so strongly, they'll void warranties if you use a pad they don't like. Yikes! They're tough! We're not like that. Use what you want. But we do have a favorite that we recommend. Its good old rebond. 3/8" thick, 8 to 10 pound density. What's this 10lb density all about? Well, if you put a one foot cube of this stuff on a scale, it would weigh 10 lbs. Pretty clever those pad guys eh? Rebond in this density provides an excellent feel underfoot and won't 'bottom out' when walked on by some heavy footed lout. It's reasonably priced. It won't flatten out in traffic areas, won't rot or mildew, and in most cases it doesn't need to be removed should your customer choose to replace the carpet. Some manufacturers guarantee it for life. Not the life of the carpet, your customer's life. But whatever you choose, pad is something that should NOT be compromised because:
  • It adds to the useful life of the carpet by reducing the impact exerted on it by up to 50%.
  • An appropriate pad makes the carpet feel richer and more luxurious
  • Padding significantly improves carpets acoustical properties (It's not very noisy in a carpeted room).
  • It improves the carpets thermal insulation properties (it saves on energy costs by keeping things warm and cozy in the winter).
  • It reduces maintenance costs.  How you ask?  We have no idea

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