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Unique Perspectives - February 2019

Unique Perspectives
February, 2019

Coming Soon - Westport

Our product development guys are starting off the New Year the same way as they ended last year. They're developing stuff. What they're working on now is a beautiful three color stripe we're calling Westport. It's made using 100% Pure New Wool (see below for our version of what that means) and it's being offered in the six colorways shown here. The construction is unique; It's two rows of high/low loops in alternating colors, each surrounded by single rows of level-loop in a compatible color. The end result is a crisp, concise pattern with the precision refinement of a woven product. The short version: It's nice. We're in the final stages of sample manufacture so you can expect to see the finished product soon. Not any-day-now soon, but sort-of soon. 

westport colorways

Virgin Wool? New Wool? What?
silly sheep
The following is a reprint of an article uniquely scribbled in a post-New-Year's stupor two years ago. Yet for some inexplicable reason, we were asked to publish it again. So here, by request, you go... 

At one time the term 100% Pure Virgin Wool was in common use but ultimately it was mostly replaced by the term 100% Pure New Wool which means the same thing. Well that's wonderful but what the heck does either term mean? Your humble scribe, being somewhat dim, lies awake at night pondering deep stuff like this.  As it turns out, and here's a real surprise, it means the wool so labeled has not been used before by anyone other than the sheep. Who knew?
Apparently, that hasn't always been the case. One of the biggest efforts to repurpose or blend used wool was as a result of World War II. The government restricted the amount of fabric which could be used commercially and restricted the raw materials used therein, especially wool because it was needed for military uniforms. Even though it's been several decades since those restrictions were lifted, the terms Virgin Wool and New Wool are still used today. However today the meaning has drifted somewhat to denote wool of premium quality rather than to imply we didn't use Uncle Carl's old socks in the manufacture of your carpet. Check the label on one of our wool samples. We, like many other manufacturers, continue to use the term 100% Pure New Wool.

(see above for proof we're still doing this)

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The attached video answers the question that, by actual count, nobody is asking. What does sheep herding look like from above? Check it out.
Sheep herding from above - video

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