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Unique Perspectives - August 2018

Unique Perspectives
August, 2018

The Old Homestead
Homestead Room   
When I hear the word Homestead, I think of bib-overall-festooned old pa and his mule tilling the back 40 with a single-bladed turning plow. I don't think of a downtown loft like the one shown here. Although there are some empty crates and some kind of hand-cranked lift back there, there's not a windmill in sight. It's just not that homestead-y. My hay-baled word-association aside, HOMESTEAD is also the name of our next broadloom introduction and it's a winner. It's a medium scale, ribbed loop-pile carpet of 100% pure wool and, along with the crates and such, it's shown in the photo above. It's offered in the five natural color-ways pictured below. HOMESTEAD is in the final stages of development and will be available in the next few weeks. Look for it soon. For nitpickers like me there is a sheep on the back of the Architect Folder so that's sort of homesteadish.

One Strand of Wool Fiber

Check this out! We like this drawing so much we used it on the back of our Architect Folders for a year or two. It shows that centuries of "natural" refinement have made the spectacularly complex wool fiber the aesthetic and performance standard in premium carpets and rugs. I mean, look at that thing!!!  There really is a lot of beneficial stuff going on there. Don't get us wrong, we love nylon and sell a great deal of it but look at a microscopic view of a nylon fiber and its nothing like this!

SPECIALS - Great In stock values
Richmond - 4178
Trenton - 101
La Paz - 2163
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Dog Days of Summer
Did you ever wonder what the heck that means? Well, for your perusal and edification we submit the following... It's the sultry part of Summer that is supposed to occur during the time when the sun and Sirius (the dog star) rise at the same time.  According to the ancient Greeks and Romans, it's a period marked by "lethargy, inactivity, and indolence".  Generally, people have a hard time shopping for carpet whilst indolent and lethargic but we're pleased to announce that business is good here at Unique. If you want to join us and rouse your customers from their mid-summer, slack-jawed stupors, show them some Softer Than Sisal, Bolero, Jazz, or Aurora Borealis. Those are real winners that are bound to put smiles on their faces anda few quid in your coffers.

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