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Unique Perspectives - July 2018

Unique Perspectives
July, 2018

We have no shortage of new products.
   So far this year we've announced the introduction of more than a few products. Here's another one. It's Dartmouth, and it's a great combination of good looks and an affordable price. In fact, Dartmouth's price is tied with Granada as the most affordable of our selection of affordable wools. Considering Granada is our fifth best selling product in total yards, we're expecting big things from Dartmouth. It's a casual, grid-like texture that works with pretty much any design theme and it's tufted using 100% pure new wool. Dartmouth is ideal for moderate residential traffic and is available in the four colors shown here.

Vacuum Recommendation

Those of you who commit every word of these newsletters to memory will note that this is an article we ran in an earlier newsletter. But we get so many questions about which vacuums to use, we felt a re-run was in order.
Unique specifically recommends  a Sanitaire vacuum by Electrolux (models SC888K or SC688A). These are affordable upright models with rotating brushes which are soft enough that they will properly groom the carpet without damaging it. Aside from that, they do an excellent job of soil removal. Sanitaire vacuums have a manually adjustable head that allows them to be set to the desired height. They can be purchased on-line through any number of sources or a local dealer can be found on their website

The following links to a sheet we include with every order.  It tells what to look for in a vacuum and specifically what to avoid.

SPECIALS - Great In stock values
Odin - 2105
Santana - 119
Wakefield - 101
We have a large inventory of first-quality special buys offered at significant savings to you. Here are a few examples. To see them all click here.
Renewable Wool

So the steer and the sheep are talking about making jackets and the sheep says "Great! I'll provide the wool, you provide the leather". Well, the steer wants to think about this for a while since the removal of his hide requires a significantly greater participation in the process than that of the sheep. Sheep are routinely shorn once or twice a year and thereafter return to the field to munch grass and grow more wool. Removal of a hide, on the other hand, is a major one-time commitment. So wool is not only an environmentally friendly natural fiber, it's a renewable resource in the truest sense. And, since grass is the "fuel" used in its production, it is considered a Bio-based fiber. Not a smoke-stack in sight. So for the environmentally concerned or those using green-building practices, wool is the natural choice. 

A Little History Lesson on America's 242nd Birthday
As Alaska and Hawaii were becoming states, students at Lancaster High School in Ohio were given the assignment of designing a new 50 star American flag. Seventeen year-old Robert G. Heft received a B- for his efforts, but his teacher said he would re-consider the grade if Congress accepted his 'mediocre design'. In 1959 that's exactly what happened. Heft's design was selected as the 27th official iteration of the American Flag. His teacher promptly raised his grade to an A. Robert Heft's original, and personally hand-sewn flag, has flown over the White House, every State Capital, and eighty-eight Embassies. One of the numerous offers Heft received to sell it was for $350,000. 

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