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Unique Perspectives - May 2018

Unique Perspectives
May, 2018

Applause Clapping
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you very much! Actually we really aren't asking for a standing ovation. Well maybe we are, but that's a different story. What we're actually referring to is our next broadloom introduction...Applause. It's a thick, textured, cut-pile carpet with the benefits of exceptional durability, clean-ability, and unsurpassed colorfastness, all in a pet friendly texture. This is the latest addition to our collection of upscale products that are crafted using 100% STAINMASTER solution-dyed nylon and wear the PetProtect label. This collection was created for the high-flyers in our midst: Those who can easily throw down 250K for a Bentley Bentayga SUV, who also have pets around the house and are likely to be just as sloppy as the rest of us. Although we clean up after ourselves, they have people. Seriously, this collection of seven products has been extremely well received and accordingly we have high expectations for Applause. It's presented in six beautiful color-ways and will be available soon.
Applause Style

SPECIALS - Great In stock values
Odin - 2105
Ashland - 4170
Dayton - 4109
We have a large inventory of first-quality special buys offered at significant savings to you. Here are a few examples. To see them all click here.
Speaking Of Products That Will Be Available Soon

Here's an update. In February we announced the upcoming introduction of Devon. In March we said it would be available in late March and now in May as you read this (boldly assuming you're reading this) samples are being shipped. Our product development folks have found that new products are like babies...Far easier to conceive than deliver. But we think Devon is worth the wait. To review, Devon is a subtle, two-color, loop-pile carpet tufted using 100% pure new wool and it's available in the five color-ways shown below

Complaints? - We Hate 'Em!!
sniff out complaints

Be that as it may and in spite of all our best efforts, complaints do happen from time to time. Many in the carpet manufacturing side of the business, and virtually every fiber supplier have over-hyped warranties to the point that consumers are led to believe this stuff should wear like steel plates when in fact we're selling people cloth and inviting them to walk about on it. So even though the quality of tufted carpets using premium fibers has never been better, unrealistic hype can create unrealistic expectations. 
That being the case, the more we know the better we are in handling problems when they arise. We've become aware of a web site that can be of incredible help to all of us in that regard. Its and its not only informative it's educational as well.
If you need an accredited inspector, you can easily find one or more in your area for no-charge. In addition and for an very reasonable annual subscription you can also have access to hundreds of full-color photos and descriptions of over 200 common floor covering issues (hard surface as well as carpet), field and lab diagnostic tools, cited support for complaints*, and more. Handling complaints quickly and professionally can create a very positive image of "service-after-the-sale". This site can help. Check it out. To subscribe, click retailer. We feel it's well worth it.

*when working on a claim, inspectors can cite floordetective as the source of the information.  

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