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Unique Perspectives - March 2018

Unique Perspectives
March, 2018

Launch Sequence
Well our product development staff has been busier than ever and we've got several new products we're preparing to launch. So far this year we've introduced:
* Sea Breeze - A subtle striped loop in 100% wool - January
* Waverly - Re-do of a classic loop-pile wool - February

Products previously announced in this newsletter that are coming soon
* Tortuga - A beautiful 4-over-4 sisal - March
* Devon - Wool at an attainable price - late March

Beyond that we have:
* Applause - The next addition to our very successful PetProtect collection
* Breckenridge - A tufted wool with woven patterned aesthetics
* After that, if we don't hyperventilate first, we have four more tentatively scheduled for introduction prior to Fall

Apart from those listed above, if we don't slip our product development staff some decaf, they're bound to find a need for other stuff before the end of the year.

SPECIALS - Great In stock values
Canyon Crest - 2120
London Court - 2111
Montecello - 4197
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Decorating Our Warehouse?

Well, not exactly.  The photo above is a custom rug being inspected prior to shipment.  We thought it was an interesting use of one of our running-line broadloom products, Sonata.  We call Sonata a "parallel plush" since it has textural lines 3" apart running the entire length of the carpet (we did this intentionally by the way).  In this case, one of our San Diego customers decided to take four pieces and turn two of them sideways to create what you see here.  We thought it was worth sharing since it's a fairly cost-effective way to create visual interest in a unique and understated way.

Dust In The Wind

No we're not talking about the song from 1977 by Kansas.  Actually, this is a re-run of a piece we ran in 2016, but it seemed particularly apropos this year.

It's March and winds are blowing all over the place.  We've got your Nor'Easter in the East, Norther in the Midwest, Chinook in the Rockies, Santa Ana, Diablo, and Sundowner winds here in California. There's Taku in Alaska and to the farthest of the far west are the Pali and Kona Winds of Hawaii. You can also throw in occasional gales, cyclones, twisters, and dust devils just to make sure we're paying attention. Well with all this wind there's all manner of debris flying around pretty much all the time, which makes it nice to know that carpets of 100% pure wool can help out. Here's how: Wool has an amazing ability to attract and hold airborne pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide among other niceties. It also attracts dust particles, pollen and other allergens and holds them in place until they can be harmlessly vacuumed away. Cumulative evidence strongly suggests that carpets of 100% pure wool have a beneficial effect on people's health. Not long ago a major European Community Respiratory Health study of nearly 20,000 people at 30 centers in 17 countries concluded that wall-to-wall installations of wool carpets in bedrooms were associated with dramatically reduced incidents of allergy and asthmatic symptoms. This effect was consistent over all 30 centers studied. So when spring winds blow, tell your customers to buy some wool carpet and quit wasting money on Allerest, Clariton, and Flonase.

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