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Unique Perspectives - February 2018

Unique Perspectives
February, 2018

Special Buys - We've Got Loads
special delivery

We love to buy specials from the some of the finest manufacturers in Europe. In fact, they're showing up by the truckload all the time. But our overzealous buying results in some outstanding values for you. We buy trial items that never made it into production, discontinued items or just over-stocked items our suppliers want to get rid of. Regardless, they're all first-quality merchandise and represent exceptional values. Unlike many of our contemporaries, you are not required to buy full rolls to get the special price. It's all available on a cut-order basis without the cut-order price. However, full truck orders are gladly accepted.

Some of our current offerings are shown below.

SPECIALS - Great In stock values
Eagle Lake - 4102
Envoy - 2104
Montecello - 4197
We have a large inventory of first-quality special buys offered at significant savings to you. Here are a few examples. To see them all click here.
Bespoke Rugs

Bespoke Rugs...Sounds pretty spiffy don't you think?  Well I don't know about you but I had to look it up.  It means Custom Rugs in the UK.  Who knew? Anyway if you want custom rugs or bespoke rugs, we've got you covered... whatever you want. Shown here is a recent custom rug placed in a model home which was made by one of Southern California's larger home builders. The rug measures 11' x 12' and is stunning. Photos never do these things justice because they can't capture the scale. Some of the rugs we produce use nearly fifteen pounds of wool yarn per square yard. It takes one sheep's entire life's work to produce enough wool for one rug like that. Yikes! Aside from that, we have a lot of custom flexibility in large-scale rugs. We can do custom shags, stripes and ribs like this one or patterns like the one shown at the top of this newsletter, and much more. So if you have customers who are looking for something big, bold, and luxurious, give us a call.

NOTE:  those of you who advised us that the rug we called a hexagon in our December newsletter was actually an octagon will receive a free lifetime subscription to Unique Perspectives and the writer will be flogged unmercifully. 

Bespoke rug

Devon Coming Soon
Devon Room
Wasn't there a band called Devon? You know, those guys with flower pots on their heads?  Oh wait, that was Devo. Devon is actually an island in Canada's Northwest Territories, a county in southwest England, and the name of our forthcoming broadloom introduction. Our Devon is a tufted, loop-pile carpet of 100% pure new wool and is presented in a beautiful and precise square-knot construction.  It also offers outstanding performance capabilities which allow you to 'whip it, whip it good'.  Offered in a range of five subtle color-ways, Devo, I mean Devon, will be available in the very near future.
Devon Colorways

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