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Unique Perspectives - December 2017

Unique Perspectives
December, 2017
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O Canada
The beautiful city of Ottawa is, well...a beautiful city. It's the home of the Spring Tulip Festival and The Ottawa REDBLACKS of the Canadian Football League. It's also the home of the Ottawa Senators of the National Hockey League. AND Ottawa is the National Capitol as well as the headquarters of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. In other words, there's a lot of swell stuff there. But what we rusticated colonials find almost as impressive as all of that is a house. But it's not just any house, it's a 32 room limestone mansion built in the way back times by a rich industrialist that sits on ten manicured acres (the house not the industrialist). It was recently and magnificently remodeled by Barbara Ricke Interiors in Lexington, Kentucky and as the pictures below will attest, it is stunning. 

Included in that entire package were ten large rugs which were made right here at Unique in distant and exotic Riverside, California. Custom-made to the owner's exact specifications these rugs were crafted using our big bold sisal, Marcela and finished in wide cotton binding. So if you have customers with 32 room mansions and they ONLY want rugs in ten of them, give us a call. We won't mind.

"Henry our Holiday Party's total chaos. No one knows when to eat, where to stand, what to... Oh, thank God! Here comes a border collie!"

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Custom Rugs
robot with green yarn
A conventional tufting machine has somewhere between 288 and 1440 needles side-by-side (depending on the distance apart of the needles) simultaneously stitching rows of tufted carpet but our robotic hand-tufter has but one needle which means it has to really pick up the pace to get things done. But aside from that, this little marvel has the ability to be a lot more flexible than a conventional tufting machine resulting in some pretty beautiful designs like those shown here. These were all recently custom-made to our customers own specifications. 

Custom Hexagon
A drawing is submitted to our Custom Rug Department who replies with a scale drawing and, for a nominal fee, a custom sample in the exact design and construction of the desired rug. Once approved, our robotic hand-tufter can turn these around in amazingly quick time-frames. So if you've got a customer wanting a big, bold, custom creation, give it, er...him, a try. 

Custom Z Trellis
got sisal?
Tortuga Room
Yes we do thank you very much! I know, when you think of us you think of wool loops in natural heathers and Berbers. You think of us as...well, beige! And even though that's true, we're much more than that. We've got bold and colorful custom rugs, and nylon in many actual colors like green, and blue, and even gray.  I know, I know, that's pretty wild stuff but wait, we've even got a nice selection of woven sisals. Seagrass even!  

The latest addition to that collection is coming in the near future and is shown above. It's Tortuga, a large-scale woven sisal in a magnificent "four-over-four" basket-weave texture.  Ideal for either broadloom or area rug application Tortuga is available in three beautiful natural shades that are only sort-of beige.

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