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Unique Perspectives - November 2017

Unique Perspectives
November, 2017

Why Buy Carpet?
Why buy carpet? I guess "Because that's what we make" or "Why not?" are probably not the best answers. However, carpet does have some interesting characteristics that make it a viable option compared to hard-surface flooring. They are....

Carpet is soft.
One of the most compelling reasons to purchase carpet is its elegant softness and comfort underfoot. It's just nicer to walk on soft carpets instead of unforgiving hard surface.
Carpet is beautiful.
The floor has often been called the fifth wall. It's no longer something to just cover, it's another surface to decorate. And carpet, being a textile with its myriad colors, textures, and patterns, offers a beautiful alternative, or companion, to hard surface floors.
Carpet is quiet.
Noise Reduction Coefficient. How's that for a boring term? It's a figure reflecting the noise absorption properties of a given material. Yikes! That's still really boring. Bottom line is noise bounces off hard surfaces making those rooms loud and echo-y and sound is absorbed in carpet making those rooms significantly quieter.
Carpet is warm.
Climb out of bed on a winter morning. If the floor is hard surface, it's cold and if the floor is carpeted, it's not. And it's even better if its wool carpet; it's 50% more effective as an insulator than synthetics. Carpet is a wall-to-wall layer of insulation. Heat can't escape easily, reducing your bills while keeping your home warm and cozy.
Carpet is safe.
Hard surface floors are smooth and slippery making it a lot easier to fall. And if you fall, they offer no cushion when you land. Carpet is just the opposite. Offering far better traction, slip and fall accidents are far less likely to occur (a major consideration on stairways) and if falls occur, carpets softness will limit the potential damage.
Carpet is healthy.
Dust mites, allergens, pollen, and pollutants float freely in uncarpeted rooms, but they are actually drawn to wool carpets and held in place until they can be harmlessly vacuumed away.
Carpet is cost-effective.
Even some of the most expensive carpets look like a value compared to hard surface floors. Plus ongoing maintenance can be quite expensive with some hard surface floors. You'll never have to sand or re-seal carpet. Nor should you by-the-way.
Finally, it is possible to soften any existing hard surface floor by adding an area rug. And just that simple addition will make a room quieter, warmer, safer, and healthier. Whether it's a totally custom masterpiece or a simple bound broadloom rug, we can help because, as we said earlier, that's what we make.

SPECIALS - Great In stock values
Envoy - 2103
Maryland - 4159
Monticello - 4197
We have a large inventory of first-quality special buys offered at significant savings to you. Here are a few examples. To see them all click here.
Coming Soon! - Sea Breeze
quit tracking sand on the @%$^ carpet!

We're putting the finishing touches on our next broadloom introduction, SEA BREEZE. From casual beach cottages to formal sunrooms of elegant traditional mansions, and pretty much everything in between, SEA BREEZE is an ideal selection. Manufactured using 100% Pure New Zealand Wool, SEA BREEZE combines high style and high performance and is available in the four color-ways shown here. Look for it soon.

We've Been Busy

Product Development people seem to love developing products, as evidenced by the following list. These are all products introduced this year.  It would appear our Product Development team has been sort of busy.

Arlington /DynastyCoordinating patterns in woven wool
PromenadeExtra large rib in un-dyed natural wool

LaredoLarge and small loops in contrasting natural colors

Troy IIVolume II of one of our perennial top sellers

Harrison ParkNatural colored wool loop with white accents

High NotePrecision Saxony in Stainmaster PetProtect nylon

RhapsodySubtle stripe in Stainmaster PetProtect nylon

Southern Cross -_Multi-level loop in un-dyed natural wool

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