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Unique Perspectives - October 2017

Unique Perspectives
October, 2017
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Shedding of Wool

Try as we will, we haven't been able to teach sheep to grow continuous filament wool. The individual fibers that make up wool yarn vary from approximately 3 to 5 inches in length and that's pretty much it. As a result, as opposed to yarn made of continuous filament fibers, there are going to be loose fibers along any length of wool yarn resulting in initial shedding of both loop-pile and cut-pile carpets. This shedding manifests itself as little clumps of fiber resembling cotton candy (other than its generally not pink) lying randomly about. Although this can be somewhat disconcerting, the carpet is not coming apart and is not being vacuumed away. It can look like a lot but in actuality, the amount of fiber lost in this manner is minimal. This is the nature of wool carpet and after exposure to foot traffic and regular maintenance, shedding will stop. It may take a while, but it will stop. Honest! 

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Re-Cycling Samples

  Aw...Isn't that nice? Donating samples of discontinued products to a pre-school is an environmentally friendly way to recycle/repurpose them. We're sure you'll agree that children are never too young to appreciate the soft, luxurious wonderfulness of pure, natural wool. Besides, someday they'll grow up and realize they need some of their own.

Free Stuff
We have, at no cost or obligation, free...that's right absolutely FREE, photographs available for your use. These are room scenes of our carpets and rugs and they're ideal for use on your website, for point-of-sale material, or in your print advertising. We would always appreciate on-page credit but you won't be hearing from our attorneys if you chose not to include us by name. It will hurt of course but we'll get by. These images are so free you don't even have to ask. They're download-able right from our website. On our home page click on Dealer Support then click Image Library. 

Or, if you want a quick peek,   
And there they are, available in either jpeg format for e-mail or web use, or large format files that are ideal for printing. We've recently updated this section with a lot of new images. One more thing, in the Dealer Support section you also have access to our logos just in case you want to include us by name. You know...Just in case.

Business is Good!
So far this year we're experiencing double-digit growth and September was really outstanding. In fact, it was the best September we've experienced since 2007. The broad acceptance of our new Stainmaster PetProtect products have contributed greatly to that sales growth. Thank you for your

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