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Unique Perspectives - July 2017

Unique Perspectives
July, 2017

Coming Soon... Our Next Broadloom Introduction

In the near-term if your plans involve blissfully promenading on Mermaid Street in Rye, Sussex, England, we can't have you stumbling about on all those pesky cobblestones. So we've taken the liberty of carpeting it with our latest introduction, the appropriately named, Promenade. Promenade will be the largest scale loop-pile carpet in our tufted product range and it is stunning. Prepare to be gobsmacked (they talk that way on Mermaid Street). Promenade is manufactured for us and to our specifications in The Netherlands using 100% Pure New Wool. It's offered in the five colors shown below. Soon your customers will be able to promenade in style. You can thank us later.

Nylon - We Love It!
We have been remiss in not advising you of our unbridled love of nylon carpet, which we manufacture here and sell in ever increasing quantities. We seem to always be blathering on about wool. That may be because we have an unbridled love of wool carpet. Back to nylon, which, I may have mentioned, we love. Anyway, in July of 2015 we rolled out our newest nylon offerings that we uniquely referred to as the Ensemble Collection. This collection of exceptionally fashionable nylon textures consisting of JAZZ, RHYTHM, SONATA, and MEDLEY (two loops, an interestingly textured Saxony, and a shag) combined up-market aesthetics with unsurpassed durability. Using Stainmaster's PetProtect solution dyed nylon: the most abuse-able synthetic fiber ever used in residential carpet construction, the collection became an instant hit. Apparently because upscale consumers are slobs just like the rest of us. The Collection has been so successful that we've recently added HIGH  NOTE, a precision refined formal Saxony and RHAPSODY, a subtly striped variation of the monster hit, Jazz. And we currently have more in development. If you haven't had the opportunity to sell them yet, what are you waiting for? These are the kinds of things you can sell to rich Aunt Mildred and not have to worry about being written out of the will. We love this stuff!  So will your customers.

But Wait...There's More
Apart from the PetProtect items noted above, we have four existing Stainmaster nylon loop-piles that have been part of our nylon assortment for years. Offering many of the same benefits, these four items, HIGH CHAPARRAL, PLAZA SUITE, PRESIDIO, and RUSTIC CHARM all can be custom-dyed with very low-minimums. Check them out.

SPECIALS - Great In stock values
Eagle Lake - 4102
Greensboro - 4199
Montrose - 4116
We have a large inventory of first-quality special buys offered at significant savings to you. Here are a few examples. To see them all click here.

Smokey the Cat
Found aimlessly wandering the streets, Smokey was taken in by Jason Everett, owner of Gainesville Flooring in Gainesville, Georgia and now pretty much has the run of the place. Shown here on one of her numerous breaks, Smokey has learned the trade well. She's chosen three of the newest additions to our Shagtastic Collection of custom, made-to-order rugs upon which to recline (from left they are Northern Lights, Windy Ridge, and Westwind). She's obviously selected them since they're each crafted from 100% pure New Zealand wool, and offer warmth, thick, luxurious pile, and softness under foot, I mean paw. And although she only needs 16 inch by 18 inch pieces, we can make them any size.  So if your customers would like something a little larger, that's not a problem. If you'd like to know how they function, give Smokey a call.  Just not during breaks.

Happy 241st Birthday U.S.A.

Once the Declaration of Independence was signed, printer John Dunlap was asked to print 200 copies to be distributed throughout the Colonies.  These "Dunlap Broadsides" are extremely rare and valuable.  A previously unknown example was discovered in 1989 and sold in 2000 for $8,000,000.  There are only 26 known examples in existence.

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