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Unique Perspectives - May 2017

Unique Perspectives
May, 2017

Harrison Park?

Harrison Park room
Well let's see... There's Harrison Park Towers only fifteen minutes from the Newark Museum, and another Harrison Park is located in the mountains just east of San Diego. Additionally, we can't forget the Harrison Park right here in Riverside, just down the street from the California Citrus Historic Park. How exciting is that? Finally, there's a Harrison Park golf course in Danville Illinois (If we've left any out please let us know). But we're not talking about any of those. We're talking about our Harrison Park; the next broadloom style from Unique (made exclusively for us in Belgium). Manufactured using 100% pure New Wool, the classic multi-level loop texture of Harrison Park is well-engineered and extremely durable. Harrison Park is available in five natural color-ways that are each augmented by a unique creamy white accent. This creates a subtly understated random pattern while offering soil-hiding practicality. Look for it soon. Oh and you won't have to look for it at the locations noted above. We'll bring it by!!
Harrison Park colors

Pollen & Dander & Dust, Oh My! 

Spring has sprung in most parts of the country and with it allergies are in full bloom. Here's why. See that assortment of spiky things over on the left? It's pollen. No wonder noses get irritated all over the place. What with all the spiky things. Oh but that's not all. Check out that seriously creepy thing under the pollen. That's a dust mite. One of the things he and his pals love to do is float about on bits of dust. So it's Spring-time and all this dust-mite festooned dust and pollen is floating about and YOU (and your customers) are actually breathing this stuff. Sort of makes you want to hold your breath til Summer doesn't it? Although we hate to have to remind you of this every Spring, here's a fix: It's Wool carpet. Wool has an amazing ability to attract dust particles, pollen, and other allergens and hold them in place until they can be harmlessly vacuumed away, more-so than any other carpet fiber by a considerable margin. It also attracts and holds airborne pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide among other pleasantries. 

Health studies conducted throughout Europe concluded that wall-to-wall installations of wool carpets in bedrooms resulted in dramatic reductions in allergy and asthmatic symptoms. So do your red-eyed, sneezing customers a favor, prescribe some pure, natural, hypo-allergenic wool carpet.

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Renewable Wool
half sheared sheep
So the steer and the sheep are talking about making jackets and the sheep says "Great! I'll provide the wool, you provide the leather". Well, the steer wants to think about this for a while since the removal of his hide requires a significantly greater participation in the process than that of the sheep. Sheep are routinely shorn once or twice a year and thereafter return to the field to munch grass and grow more wool. Removal of a hide, on the other hand, is a major one-time commitment. So wool is not only an environmentally friendly natural fiber, it's a renewable resource in the truest sense. And, since grass is the "fuel" used in its production, it is considered a Bio-based fiber. Not a smoke-stack in sight. So for the environmentally concerned or those using green-building practices, wool is the natural choice.

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