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Unique Perspectives - April 2017

Unique Perspectives
April, 2017

New Style Winter Palace

Maybe our timing isn't great bringing out a product with the name Winter Palace based on the winter we've just had, but hang on, our Winter Palace is nothing like that. It's the latest addition to our Shagtastic Rug Collection and it's a stunningly beautiful, extremely large-scale, loop-pile rug crafted using 100% pure New Wool. Lots of wool! Nearly six pounds per yard! Six pounds of warm comfortable wool (Nature's finest insulator). Winter Palace is very competitively priced for rugs of this quality however. It is uncompromisingly crafted using the same materials and techniques as any of our other Shagtastic offerings. Winter Palace is available in five standard color-ways and offers virtually unlimited custom flexibility.
Winter Palace Colors

SPECIALS - Great In stock values
Plymouth - 4121
Greensboro - 4199
Structure - 9997
We have a large inventory of first-quality special buys offered at significant savings to you. Here are a few examples. To see them all click here.

ASTM - E648 
ASTM-E648...Well now...what is that? Is it the builder's code for an Andromeda-Class Klingon battle cruiser? Actually no! No it's not. ASTM is the American Society for Testing and Materials and E648 is one of hundreds of tests they've devised for testing various materials. In this case, its carpet and the test is unofficially referred to as the Radiant Panel test (flammability). They've established the testing protocols for these various tests and determined what the final numbers mean. There are any number of independent ASTM accredited laboratories nationwide that conduct these tests using established testing procedures and equipment so the results are the same regardless of which lab is doing the testing. Most mills test their products using these labs, some have in-house accredited labs. Accordingly, if you need carpet with a class 1 flammability rating necessary for exit-ways and corridors, you can rest assured that participating mills (pretty much every one of them) will provide the information you need. And much of it is extremely useful such as; are there Volatile Organic Compounds here? What's the tuft-bind? face weight? total weight? and much more. More importantly this industry-wide consistency in testing provides you with the ability to make viable comparisons. Keep in mind that your comparisons should always include products from companies beginning with U. And if you have any questions about what all of this means give us a call. Consider us your un-paid, in-house technical consultants. 
Jet Wing Kid

Speaking of Klingon battle cruisers, and testing consistency; our author (pictured above at an early age) has undergone Brain Activity testing regularly since this photo was taken and his results have been a model of consistency. They read; BQL (Below Quantifiable Levels)

A Friendly Reminder 
Envoy Sale Reminder

Hey! We've still got Envoy on sale for the next couple of months at 25% off.  So sell some already!!!

Ending on a High Note
New Style High Note
Generally our newsletters just stop, usually abruptly. It can be said with some certainty that we've never ended on a high note. That isn't the case today. We are ending on a high note for two reasons; one is we're introducing a spectacular new product and two; that new product is named High Note. So there you go. We're soooo clever. For formal, classic design, for rugs, or border material used in rugs, or just timeless, understated elegance nothing beats a cut-pile and the precision refined elegance of High Note is among the finest. High Note offers the added benefits of exceptional durability and unsurpassed colorfastness all in a pet-friendly texture. High note is crafted using 100% STAINMASTER Solution-dyed nylon 6,6 and is available in ten color-ways that include both subtly multi-colored and solid shades. Look for it soon.

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