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Unique Perspectives - February 2017

Unique Perspectives
February, 2017

The following is your February newsletter in a brand new format. We'd love to hear what you think.

2017 Preview

We've often felt our production guys must really love producing because they do a lot of it. And this year is no exception. In fact, it's liable to be a record year with blockbuster after blockbuster nearing roll-out. Already creating a lot of buzz is SOUTHERN CROSS. Previewed last month it's a wool loop in a unique squared texture. 
Following shortly will be HIGH NOTE, a dense, magnificently finished modern adaptation of the classic Saxony made with STAINMASTER PetProtect nylon. High-performance, elegant cut-piles that even Fluffy and Snowball will love are hard to find and High Note is the best of the genre. 
Additionally we've got another PetProtect nylon in post-production; RHAPSODY which is a subtle loop-pile stripe. 
Also in the near term will be ORION, a classic wool level-loop at a very attainable price and HARRISON PARK, another loop with natural wool colors augmented by a creamy white accent. Shortly thereafter we've got broadloom in loop-pile textures of epic proportions that are bound to create a lot of box office. 
Additionally we've got woven wool Wiltons on the way and some magnificent and cost-sensitive additions to our custom rug offerings soon to be introduced. AND, there will LOTS more. Not quite "a cast of thousands", but there will be lots. 

Well, there you have it, an Oscar-worthy performance for the use of the most corn-ball motion picture references.

SPECIALS - Great In stock values
Eagle Lake 4104
Eagle Lake - 4104
La Paz - 2163
Plymouth - 4126
Plymouth - 4126
View our entire assortment of specials here.

Your Local Workroom
Need a local workroom? That's us!!

Now if you're in Council Bluffs Iowa you might question our contention that we, in Riverside California, are your "Local" workroom but check this out. Apart from our wide range of area rug capabilities (which is a topic for another time) if you need broadloom cut to specific sizes or shapes or bound using conventional binding, or 3 to 5 inch Cotton binding or Linen, or Leather, we do all of that.  If you want it serged to match, that's available as well. We can even back them in soft Monk's Cloth or non-slip vinyl.  Plus, if you want rug underlay cut to the exact size you need, we've got that too. No need to inventory your own. Order what you need when you need it, even if it's not going under one of our rugs, we don't care. Well, maybe just a little but we'll do it anyway. Additionally, turn-around times for all of this are exceptional. So keep that in mind.  We're your not-so-local, local workroom.  

What is the worstest wool?
Ooops!  We meant what is worsted wool? WORSTED! 

There are several stages in yarn production of both worsted and woolen spun yarns. Both go through the process of carding whereby fibers are untangled and aligned parallel. Carding also helps clean the fibers of debris. The next step is combing and only worsted wool is combed, woolen yarns are not. Combing further straightens and aligns the fibers and helps clean more debris and removes the shorter length fibers. And the difference is...

  • Have longer staple length (4" fibers and longer only)
  • Are tighter twisted
  • Are stronger
  • Are finer, smoother, harder and have more uniform fibers
  • Have short staple length (1" to 4")
  • Are more decorative than high-performance
  • Are softer and more luxurious feeling
  • Are bulkier
There you go. Consultation fee to follow

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