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Unique Perspectives - December 2016

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De cember 2016
Unique Perspectives
Happy Holidays
The artisans here at Unique (shown taking time-out from meticulously crafting carpets and rugs to meticulously crafting our in-house holiday decorations) want to take this opportunity to offer our genuine appreciation for your on-going support which has made this year another successful year for us here at Unique. All of us wish you the very best of the Holiday Season and a happy and prosperous 2017.

Hasta La Vista
We've just completed an update of one of the most elegant and best selling products in the company's history. It's Vista. After nearly two decades of production Vista is still one of our top producers in total dollar volume (fifteenth this year out of over 70 broadloom products currently listed on our price list). We are therefore very excited that our 'crack' product development team finally got around to updating it.  What is it with those guys? Anyway, Vista is a thick and luxurious tip-sheared loop-pile manufactured right here in our Southern California facility.  It gives your discerning customers a stunningly beautiful opportunity to spend a great deal of money. What could be better than that?  Additionally we've added a bunch of new colors totaling nine overall. For us, it's a huge color line. Seven of them are very subtle heathers and the other two, Oyster and the creatively named Tweed, are tweeds. You can expect a private showing in the very near future. 
Vista Room

Flammability and Wool Carpets!
Christmas Fireplace
This is a re-run of an item that we included in a newsletter earlier this year. You could say the author isn't earning his keep (and we tend to agree) but since it's pertinent to this time of year, we're running it again. Of course, we'll dock his pay regardless. Anyway, as the winter season progresses and candles spread their warm glow and creosote infused logs begin shooting embers across the family room, it's a good time to remind your customers of the unsurpassed fire-safe qualities of wool. Wool is the most fire-safe textile material used in interior refinishing.  Wool carpets have exceptionally low levels of flammability and represent the logical choice for creating safe, healthy indoor environments.
  • Wool is naturally flame-resistant and its performance exceeds that of all other commonly used textile fibers
  • Wool is difficult to ignite due to its higher ignition temperature
  • Wool has a low heat of combustion and a low rate of heat release. Please don't ask us to explain this one!
  • If wool comes into contact with another burning surface, it won't melt or stick and is self-extinguishing once the initial ignition source is removed.
  • Wool forms an insulating char when it burns and emits less smoke and toxic gasses than formed during combustion of synthetic fibers.

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