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Unique Perspectives - November 2016

November 2016
Unique Perspectives
Coming Soon - Crestline
We're slackers!

It's been what - five or six weeks since we've introduced a new broadloom carpet?  We're making up for that lack of developmental effort in a very good way  It's Crestline and it's our latest broadloom introduction. Crestline's unique diamond-like texture is created by the precise placement of alternating large and small loops. Large in scale yet clean in structure, Crestline provides virtually unlimited design flexibility. Created using un-dyed natural wool, its four color-ways are ideal natural backdrops for today's popular color trends. You can expect an exclusive preview in the next few weeks. Save us a parking space!! Crestline

More Wool Facts

We'd like to say "back by popular demand" but in actual fact there has been no demand whatsoever for more of this.
  • There are 34.2 million sheep in New Zealand (by our actual count). Seven times more sheep than people.
  • Wool cloth for clothing and rugs existed more than 12,000 years ago. By the time the Romans invaded Briton in 55 BC a wool industry was already up and running. Even then British wool was prized for its softness.
  • In the 15th century Spain's thriving wool business financed the expeditions of its conquistadors including Christopher Columbus (who came from a family of wool traders). And in order to corner the market, any Spaniard trying to export Merino sheep could be executed.  I think that law is no longer on the books.
  • More from the "Who-Could-Possibly-Care-About-That Department"; sheep have excellent peripheral vision.  So they can see behind themselves without turning their heads. This allows them to get the license number of the wolf who is about to eat them. I know what you're thinking...This is really meaningful stuff.
  • Wool made from the fleece of sheep is durable, insulating, wrinkle-resisting, fire-resistant and moisture-absorbing.
  • In 2009 an 8-month old Scottish ram named Deveronvale Perfection was sold for the world record-setting price of £231,000 which seems a trifle steep to us. 

Specials? We've Got Tons!
Each of our intrepid explorers keeps their ear to the ground, nose to the grindstone, their eyes peeled and their back to the wheel as they comb the earth, scour the globe and beat the bushes in search of the very best special purchases just for you (we love cliché's). Of course it's difficult to explore in that awkward position especially while simultaneously combing, scouring and beating, but they are intrepid and they've discovered some seriously exceptional specials which have just been added to our specials list.
Shown in the following order are Sharon Springs, Claremont , Mansfield and No rwich. 
New Specials
 To review all their colors, textures, and current inventory (along with the rest of our existing specials) just click here
Here's how this works. "We purchase over-runs, mill trials, and discontinued items at very competitive prices and pass those savings on to you". How many times have you heard THAT old line? Oddly enough, in this case it happens to be completely true. All our specials are first quality material purchased from our suppliers around the world and they represent real value. They're stocked in depth and you don't have to take full rolls; you can order exactly what you need with no cut-order price.  
Great Instock Values

Shown below are links to our  latest mill specials.  

Or view  the entire assortment HERE

Sharon Springs- 4125
Mansfield - 4190
Eagle Lake - 4109

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