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Unique Perspectives - October 2016

October 2016
Unique Perspectives
Fan Favorites, any size, any color, made in weeks - not months
We do like to yammer-on about our capabilities when it comes to one-of-a-kind custom rugs made to our customer's exact specifications. Almost every month it's something about custom rugs. Blah blah blah!! Enough already with the custom rugs! 

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, presented above are six thousand words worth of custom rug pictures. This way we can keep the yammering to a minimum. So if you like one of these, or if you like something that isn't one of these, give us a call. We'll make you one.

A New One

We're pleased to announce the introduction of our next broadloom product.    It's Kingston and it's a tufted loop-pile in the ever popular "square-knotted" texture, and it's a larger scale version of two retired Unique classics, Hanover and Classique.   Kingston is available in five color-ways created by the blending of the colors that naturally occur in wool.   Since it's manufactured in Holland it just has to be incredibly durable, what with the wooden shoes and all.


Wool Facts
  1. Lambs Wool is the name of a drink made from Apples, Sugar, Nutmeg & Beer and is 'enjoyed' in the apple producing counties of SW England on 12th Night (January 17 - which seems more like the 17th night to me but who am I to question such things) to ensure a good apple harvest. It also ensures a lot of good beer will be ruined.
  2. The world record for shearing a sheep is held by an Australian, Hilton Barrett, who completely sheared an entire sheep in 39.31 seconds. This tidbit of information will make you the hit of any cocktail party.
  3. A product may be called wool if it uses a mixture of hair from any of the following sources: Alpaca, Llama, Camel, Cashmere, Mohair, Vicuna, Guanaco, that's right...Guanaco, Beaver, Yak, Otter and?.....Oh yeah, Sheep  
  4. Guanaco
  5.  Alpaca wool comes in 22 natural colors, the most of any wool producing animal.
  6. "Thou shalt not wear a garment of diverse sorts, as of woolen and linen"  Deuteronomy 22:11. It is written...No blends!  Do you suppose that also applies to carpets of the 80/20 Wool/Nylon blend used in so many casinos? That's probably why Las Vegas is called Sin City.
  7. The fleece of sheep has been used for clothing since the Stone Age.

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Great Instock Values

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