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Unique Perspectives - September 2016

September 2016
Unique Perspectives
Oldies But Goodies - 1993

Well there certainly was a lot going on way back in 1993...
  • Bill Clinton was inaugurated the 42nd President of The United States
  • Eric Clapton won the Grammy for "Tears in Heaven"
  • The World Wide Web was born, with kudos to Al Gore.
  • Jurassic Park opened. The movie not the actual park.
  • Reggie with-a-candy-bar-of-the-same-name Jackson was enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame.
  • Unique introduced Softer Than Sisal
Let's go ahead and pay a little attention to that last one since that's the one that does a whole lot to keep the lights burning here at Unique. 
There were a bunch of Softer-Than- Sisal-type products introduced way back then and of the lot our Softer Than Sisal is the last of the breed. Since its introduction it has never been anything less than our number one seller in both dollars and yards. Even today, more than twenty three years after its introduction it sells nearly twice as many yards as our number two best seller. And surprisingly, in a fashion driven industry, it shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. Softer Than Sisal offers a great selection of colors in an attractive yet subtle texture and has an unrivalled record of unsurpassed performance and long-term durability. So if you want to sell carpet to your best friend and keep your best friend, sell them this. We know what we're talking about. We've sold miles of the stuff. 

Website Updates
Our site is a work in progress and as such, we're always finding new ways to enhance your visit and to provide you with useful information in a format that's easily navigable./span>

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONSOf late we've added product specifications. With;every product and you have the option of viewing larger images of each colorway, or the detailed product specifications, among other things. So if you need to know if its undyed natural wool, or nylon, if it has a jute secondary backing or Actionbac™. Or maybe you want images via electron microscopy of the molecular structure of styrene butadiene latex. Well you can just forget about that, but everything else is there in an easily understandable and downloadable format.
COLOR OPTIONS - If you want to create your own Shagtastic, Couture, or Contemporary Classics rugs, we've added the "recipes" so you can see exactly what components are used to create the rug you desire. All the options available so you can do it by yourself. Of course if you'd rather not do it all by yourself, our in-house design assistance is always readily available to help. We're just trying to make it easier if you'd like to give it a go on your own. To see how it works click the tab "Color Options". You'll see the yarn components used to create that product and shown below are all the color options that exist in those yarns that you can use to create your own custom combinations. You can follow that up by ordering your own combi nation in a no-charge "Custom Approval Pom". Nice!
CARE & MAINTENANCE - We've simplified the Care and Maintenance section making it easier for you and your customers to find pertinent information on caring for new wool, nylon, sisal, or seagrass carpets and rugs.  We've also included Useful Links that includes information and links to the sites of many recommended providers of goods and services.
DEALER SUPPORT - Finally in the Dealer Support section we've added Warranty and Installation information, and are constantly adding new photos to the Image Library that are available for your use in advertising or on your website and they're downloadable right from the site. Available displays are also shown here.
Our goal is to provide you with as much easily accessed, readily available information as possible. If you have any recommendations of possible additions or how we could improve your travels through the site, let us hear from you.

We're down to our last few days on our Summer Sizzler promotion. This really is a pretty special special and you don't have to do anything, other than sell any (or all ) of our new solution-dyed, high performance Stainmaster  PetProtect products to benefit. Those products, Jazz, Medley, Sonata, and Rhythm all combine high-fashion and high-performance and are really 'climbing the charts' here at Unique. For every yard you sell you'll receive a 10% off invoice discount. But hurry!! Offer ends September 30th.

Great Instock Values

Shown below are links to our  latest mill specials.  

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Sophia - 2118
Softer Than Sisal Naturals - 4101

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