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Unique Perspectives - August 2016

August 2016
Unique Perspectives
Why Put Cloth On Your Floor?
Caveman sleeping on rock
B.C. (Before Carpet)
A jillion years ago, give or take, a Neanderthal brought home a wooly mammoth hide, spread it on the floor of the cave (fuzzy side up) and told Mrs. Neanderthal to give it a go.  When she said "Say Karl, this is Great!!" the carpet industry was born. At least, that's how I heard it. Regardless, carpet in general and wool carpet in particular has been a functional and decorative addition to interior design for thousands of years and there are plenty of good reasons why:
  • As we learned last month (assuming you were paying attention) it greatly reduces annoying background and impact noise.
  • It is an exceptional insulator adding warmth underfoot and reducing heating costs.
  • It helps control allergies by attracting and holding pollutants and airborne particles like dust mites, pollen, and pet dander until they can be harmlessly vacuumed away.
  • It's a natural air conditioner removing moisture from the air when its humid and releasing it when conditions are dry.
  • Wool carpet is one of the lowest emitters of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) among building materials used in residential construction and interior design.
  • Wool is naturally anti-static and flame resistant
  • Carpet looks good and feels great underfoot.
We can talk about all the viable technical reasons why carpet is a good decision, but that last one is the one: it just feels great underfoot. Carpet is soft, inviting and comfortable: Everything a good home is supposed to be.

Put Some Nice Cloth On Their Floors!

Check out this picture.

Those of us who lived through the sixties have horrible memories of homes just like this. Although I've heard it said that if you remember the sixties, you weren't there.  Back in those days wall-to-wall carpet was the height of elegance.  Never mind that it was most often hideously-colored, poorly-constructed, wretched fuzziness, it was one of the sure signs of upward mobility.  And as a result, tack-strip was being nailed to beautiful hardwood floors all over the country. 
But not too many years ago somebody decided the floor is the fifth wall and should be afforded the same decorative consideration as the other four. The result was the meteoric growth of hardwood, tile, stone and the myriad means to install, cut, inlay and otherwise beautifully present it and accordingly, the average broadloom carpet order dropped from full houses to approximately 40 yards nationwide. For those who manufacture upscale broadloom carpets, such as, well... Unique and those who manufacture high fashion area rugs of unsurpassed quality and beauty, know...Unique, this fashion shift is surprisingly good news (It's also great for those of you in the business of selling this stuff). 

How so you ask? Since all of these hard-surface options are generally used in limited areas of the home the price per foot can be higher and still not overwhelm a consumer. It's easier to justify a large expense when it's not throughout the entire house.Carpet appears to be an amazing value by comparison and, since fewer areas of the home require carpet, it makes upgrading to more beautiful, more expensive, and more profitable carpets and rugs far less challenging. Although average high-end carpet orders have dropped in yardage, the number of orders has grown significantly for the reasons above and our business is good. So if you're not upgrading your carpet sales commensurate with your hard-surface sales, you're missing some outstanding profit opportunities.

...And Speaking Of Nice Cloth For The Floor

We have another new one. That's right!! Another new one!! It's Boardwalk. Manufactured exclusively for us in The Netherlands, Boardwalk is tufted using 100% pure natural wool. Its texture is a unique blend of the sleek, low-profile look of ultra-modern carpets combined with the casual elegance of Berber-inspired natural color-ways. These various color-ways are created by blending the colors that naturally exist in wool. No chemical or natural dyes are used. And all of this is offered in a product offering both exceptional long-term durability and exceptional affordability. Perfect! You can expect a product preview in the upcoming weeks.

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