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Unique Perspectives - July 2016

July 2016
Unique Perspectives
But Wait!!! There's More!
July is a new month, which in our world means a new opportunity for another new product. And we can't let opportunities pass us by. Accordingly, we're extremely pleased to announce the introduction of our latest new broadloom product, Eldorado. Eldorado... the name itself conjures up visions of the mythical lost city of gold: Its stunning beauty and unbridled luxury. Well, our version has none of that. At best it is totally un-offensive, reasonably priced, and well-constructed wool carpet. Nowhere near as exciting as the lost city of the same name. BUT, there's good news in all of that because our Eldorado fits in virtually any design theme imaginable. It's like a hammer to a carpenter or a roller to a house painter. Not a lot of razzle-dazzle, just the perfect tool for the job. Eldorado is manufactured exclusively for us in The Netherlands using pure, un-dyed, natural wool. It's offered in four color-ways that are created by blending the colors that naturally exist in wool and in its subtle, understated way, it is an exceptional piece of carpet. Eldorado is in the final stages of preparations to launch so you can expect to see samples in the upcoming weeks.  We're expecting big things out of Eldorado, which is a nice way of saying we're expecting YOU to sell a lot of it.

Noise Reduction Coefficient - NRC
Wait!!  Read this!!  It's not boring...Well, maybe a little.  Anyway, Noise Reduction Coefficient, or NRC, is determined by actually testing various building materials to determine which are best suited to eliminate offensive background noise and the even more offensive impact noise, (like throwing an encyclopedia on a marble floor at the library).  Well, nothing, absolutely NOTHING works as well as wool carpet. As an example, have you ever wondered why a young family with seven or eight feral rug rats chooses to eat at uncarpeted restaurants? The echo's of shrill screams, gurgling, splattering food, and belching is unbelievable and the good news is, it's mostly avoidable. The same is true in homes with recently installed hardwood or stone floors.  They're cold, echo-ey, and loud. Here's an opportunity for additional sales. Sell them a nice thick Shagtastic rug to soften the impact and background noise (in truth any rug will do but we don't sell just any rug, we sell nice thick Shagtastic rugs!!) or put carpet in adjoining rooms. A home is supposed to protect us from the cold, hard, noisy world out there. Wool carpets and rugs can help considerably in making that so.

Did You Know?
The fiber we call Wool is not just from sheep. What? What is this blasphemy? Apparently there are other animals involved in this enterprise. Cashmere and Mohair come from goats.  Now, wouldn't you think something as nice as Cashmere or Mohair would come from something a little more exotic than a goat? Anyway, angora comes from rabbits, other varieties of wool come from camels, and qiviut (whatever the heck that is) comes from muskoxen. So there you go... more incredibly important stuff!!

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