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Unique Perspectives - May 2016

May 2016
Unique Perspectives
When we introduced our new collection of Stainmaster PetProtect solution-dyed carpets it was due to the fact rich folks love pets just as much as the rest of us. So we felt when Todd fires up the family Bentley to head out and drop seven thousand or so on a Tibetan Mastiff or eleven thou on a Samoyed for his beloved bride Muffy, he'd better have some options for high-fashion carpet that can withstand the very special brand of "autographing" the new family member will provide. So far, sales would indicate we were correct (Jazz ranks seventh in total dollar sales over the past 12 months and was second in the month of April); there is a market for products that offer both high-fashion AND high-performance.

To help convince you that this is so, we're pleased to announce the SUMMER SIZZLER whereby all, that's right ALL of our PetProtect Collection products, JAZZ, MEDLEY, RHYTHM, and SONATA sold between June 1 and September 30, 2016 will qualify for a 10% discount. And what must you do to qualify for this discount? Sell some! That's it. No forms, No log-on, no password, no secret handshake. Your invoice will reflect the discount. So get crackin', before this is done you may earn enough to buy your own Tibetan Mastiff.
More New Stuff!!
Well our product development guys are at it again, or more accurately, at it still...They can't stop!  And we've got another new broadloom item to introduce. Actually, it's more like the expansion of an existing product. It's Bolero II and it's manufactured to the same specifications and in the exact same texture as Bolero. Introduced less than two years ago, Bolero was a perfect blend of texture, colors, and value and became an instant hit. "Climbing the charts" it now ranks second overall over the last twelve months in total dollar sales, which makes it an ideal candidate for a little augmentation. Bolero II is an expansion of the Bolero color palette adding more high-fashion options to an already proven winner. We're putting the final touches on samples so you can expect to see it in the very near future.
Bolero II
Northern Lights

We're expanding our offerings of exceptional standard made-to-order rugs that offer unsurpassed aesthetics at surprisingly reasonable price points for products of this quality. Last month we announced the launch of Windy Ridge, this month we follow with Northern Lights. Taking the elements from some of our historically top selling rugs Northern Lights blends the big, bold yarn of Sumptuous, several yarns from Aurora Borealis, and the bright shiny accent yarn of Illumination into a large flowing shag of unmatched beauty. Eighty-nine percent wool, eleven percent nylon, Northern Lights is available in the six colorways shown here and offers virtually unlimited custom potential.

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