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Unique Perspectives - February 2016

March 2016
Unique Perspectives
They Call The Wind Maria
old man winter  It's March and winds are blowing all over the place.  We've got your Nor'Easter in the East, Norther in the Midwest, Chinook in the Rockies, Santa Ana, Diablo, and Sundowner winds here in California. There's Taku in Alaska and to the farthest of the far west are the Pali and Kona Winds of Hawaii. You can also throw in occasional gales, cyclones, twisters, and dust devils just to make sure we're paying attention. Well with all this wind there's all manner of debris flying around pretty much all the time, which makes it nice to know that carpets of 100% pure wool can help out. Here's how: Wool has an amazing ability to attract and hold airborne pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide among other niceties. It also attracts dust particles, pollen and other allergens and holds them in place until they can be harmlessly vacuumed away. Cumulative evidence strongly suggests that carpets of 100% pure wool have a beneficial effect on people's health. Not long ago a major European Community Respiratory Health study of nearly 20,000 people at 30 centers in 17 countries concluded that wall-to-wall installations of wool carpets in bedrooms were associated with dramatically reduced incidents of allergy and asthmatic symptoms. This effect was consistent over all 30 centers studied. So when spring winds blow, tell your customers to buy some wool carpet and quit wasting money on Allerest, Clariton, and Flonase.

Windy Ridge
Windy Rigge
Nathaniel Webster says segway is spelled segue. What the heck is wrong with him? Well, however it's spelled, here's a great segue (since we were just talking about winds).  It's Windy Ridge and it's the latest addition to our Shagtastic collection of custom made-to-order rugs. We're very excited about this product in that it throttles back a bit on the expense of ownership. We've been told there are those who would rather not have to sell the house in order to afford the rug that is intended to go therein. The fools! For them, Windy Ridge is a viable option. It is the next in a series of world class textured rugs of 100% pure new wool that is aesthetically exceptional and considerably more affordable than many. It's meticulously crafted using the same materials and techniques as any of our Shagtastic offerings and is available in six standard color-ways. And like all rugs in The Collection, Windy Ridge is available in the exact size your customer desires and also offers unlimited custom flexibility. Samples will be available for your review in the upcoming weeks. Prepare to be blown away. (another wind reference...are we good or what?)
Picture Is Worth 1000 Words
Cracked Ice Custom Rug
Still, we want to include the words anyway. We do love to blather on. Anyway, the picture above shows one of our custom rugs awaiting final inspection. Just in case you'd like one, it's called Cracked Ice. Why it's called Cracked Ice is known only to the designer who named it who is also, quite obviously, cracked. Still it's a beautiful rug and like all Unique rugs, it was made specifically to-order exactly as the client desired. Just behind it is the core upon which it will be rolled. We use the thickest cores available on every rug and broadloom order we ship and we never, NEVER, have issues with fork-lift booms poking holes in the core or in the carpet wrapped thereupon. After it's rolled on the core, it's sent across the facility to be hand-wrapped in cloth and thick vinyl virtually eliminating any other type of freight related claim that can occur. To the right the green rolls on the rack are our rug underlay, Uni-Lock.  It is an ideal rug underlay in that it not only provides a bit of cushion, it holds rugs firmly in place and will not scuff, mark, or discolor any hard-surface floor. Honest! Plus, it's a great add on to any rug purchase since it can be cut to the exact size you need and ship right along with the rug.  AND, you don't even have to buy a rug, you can just buy Uni-Lock and use it under any rug, even if, God forbid, we didn't make it. Finally, the wood floor in the background is our finishing area. Every rug we make is meticulously hand-backed, hand-finished, and hand-trimmed to size on that floor. So there you have it. A picture is worth a thousand words and you only had to endure about 300.
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