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Unique Perspectives -January 2016

January 2016
Unique Perspectives
A Year In Review
Last year was an interesting and well rounded year of introductions at Unique including The Ensemble Collection. Or is that the Collection Ensemble, anyway whatever it is, we introduced it. It includes four new upscale nylon patterns and textures that wear Stainmaster's
PetProtect label. Which means this carpet can withstand any number of vile unthinkables that Fluffy and Snowball are likely to perpetrate. But they're not just beast-resistant, they're upscale durability for the active affluent and you don't have to own a pet to buy some. 

We also introduced Scarborough: Heathered wool naturals in an elegantly formal broadloom pattern. Additionally, we're back in the woven business with two new Wilton's; Bristol and Cambridge and we announced the forthcoming launch of Grenoble. Well that forthcoming launch is now upon us and you can expect to see samples in the next few weeks. We always do very well with big, bold 100% wool textures and Grenoble is big and bold and will be a great addition to your product mix.  

Static Build-Up
Many synthetic products use carbon
fiber elements blended into the yarn to help dissipate the build-up of static electricity and eliminate that annoying 
blue arc zap when you reach for the door knob. A real attention getter, especially if you try it after doing your best Michael Jackson moon-walking impersonation. Anyway wool, due to its ability to absorb moisture from the atmosphere (over 30% of its weight without feeling damp) is naturally static resistant. However, in the winter when furnaces run and the air is dry carpets release this moisture and as this occurs occasional static zaps are possible. It's rare but it does happen and winter is the reason.
So if you have a customer complaining that shuffling across the carpet results in an experience not unlike visiting Old Sparky at the Florida State Penitentiary let them know it's just a winter thing and will go away.Using a humidifier can help.  

Bad News
The entire company signed up collectively to win the 1.5 billion dollar Powerball lottery. The bad news is we didn't win. 
The good news is this guarantees that when you call to place an order, there will actually be a real person to answer the phone and take your order and there will be a talented manufacturing crew to make it and someone to hand wrap it and coordinate shipping. All in record time as is our way. That is unless we happen to win a subsequent lottery. Then you're pretty much on your own. 

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