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Unique Perspectives -December 2015

December 2015
Unique Perspectives

It has often been said that anyone who sends a Christmas card beginning with FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS should be imprisoned. After seeing it in print here, we'd have to agree. In fact we're so ashamed that we've headlined our newsletter with it, we didn't even include our own "family" picture. We have no idea who these folks are, but we certainly didn't want you to be able to identify us just in case you were planning on pressing charges. 

All kidding aside, this is the time of year for taking the time to acknowledge those whose efforts have been so beneficial and so appreciated. So to you we say thank you for your ongoing support and please accept our best wishes for a very happy Holiday Season and a prosperous 2016. From.... you know...our family to yours.

Rugs R Us
You may think we're easily amused, but we love checking on what the artisans in our rug department are up to and love sharing the results with you. Although this one may look like a beautiful rug creatively staged in a post-apocalyptic setting, it's actually a beautiful rug awaiting final inspection on our production floor. Hey, we're busy and the maid hasn't been in yet! But, more importantly this is just another example of a big-bold loop-pile texture tufted in a totally custom and magnificent manner right here in Riverside California. We hope to follow this up in the near future with a photo of this rug on an actual residential floor in a home that's a little tidier than our place. Stand by!   And in the meantime if your needs include rugs from just simple bound wool, sisal, or nylon to magnificent wool shags and custom patterns like the one shown here, keep us in mind. We love this stuff.  

We really like announcing upcoming introductions on theatre marquees.  Its so blockbustery.  This time we'll try to avoid using terms like 'smash hit' and 'boffo'. You stuff! But the truth is something really big is coming; it's our latest broadloom introduction, Grenoble.  Imported from The Netherlands Grenoble is big, bold, and beautiful and offers unsurpassed aesthetics in a premium loop-pile Carpet. Grenoble is tufted using 100% pure New Wool in a very subtle yet attractive grid-like pattern and is available in five full-house natural color-ways.
Grenoble room
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