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Unique Perspectives -November 2015

Unique Perspectives
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Well, we're at it again. Our product development guys not only build some of the very best stuff on earth right here in Riverside, they also scour the earth searching for some more of the very best stuff on earth and their recent scourings have taken them to Belgium. Where apart from consuming mass quantities of Belgian chocolate and Belgian waffles, they collaborated with our Belgian supplier to create the two latest Unique introductions, BRISTOL and CAMBRIDGE. Both are classic woven Wilton's offered in compatible heathered color-ways of 100% pure New Wool.

BRISTOL is a highly-stylized floral and rosette diamond pattern and CAMBRIDGE is also a classic diamond pattern reminiscent of Art Deco motifs. Since they both share a color line, mix and match possibilities exist and in both cases the patterns are bold enough to add interest to the floor but since the pattern is based on variations in texture and not on variations in color, they are both very easy to incorporate into any design theme. Samples are available now so you can expect a private showing in the very near future.

A Unique Journey
Our founder and President, Bill Graves, lives an interesting and well-travelled life and is often told by those who know him that he should write a book about it all. So he has done just that. A Unique Journey is the story of a boy born in the heartland during the depression, the son of hard working parents who raised four boys to lead successful lives in business and their communities. Bill Graves excelled in sports and had baseball lead him to a college education and a life of travel as he built a career in the home fashion industry and founded Unique Carpets Ltd. A Unique Journey is the story of how he built a successful company at a time when his industry was shrinking through consolidation and a changing culture and is available now at Book reports will be required.  
Moroccan Star

Regularly we like to share with you interesting things coming from our custom rug department. This is one of them, a design called Moroccan Star. It is the creation of one of our customers in San Diego, Jennifer Boyce of Jennifer Elaine Designs. The photos show it on our production floor and in the consumers home. The "star" is created using a fairly large felted yarn and the field is a blend of shades of blue using yarns of various sizes and textures. As the 'post-installation' shot shows, it looks magnificent on the consumers floor. Although we are sure that it wasn't Jennifer's idea to pitch a circus tent on the rug. But who are we to judge.

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