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Unique Perspectives -Ocotber 2015

Unique Perspectives
Coming Soon! Scarborough
We're putting the finishing touches on our next broadloom introduction and you should be seeing samples in the next few weeks. To ensure you are appropriately giddy with anticipation, here's the scoop. Scarborough is a tufted loop-pile of 100% pure new wool in a concise grid-like pattern that is reminiscent of classical woven textures. It's five natural heathers draw inspiration from English tweeds and highland knits and, I dare say, are ideal background shades for any d�cor (we added that "I dare say" part to enhance the English-ness of the sentence. Are we great marketers or what?). Scarborough is an investment in understated elegance and long-term good looks. Look for it soon!

A Bale of Wool?
Yes it sure is and a large bale at that. But look closely. In the middle right you see a face and underneath you see feet. Well I'll be sheep dipped, there's a sheep stuck in there. Actually it's a runaway young Merino ram found in the Australian scrubland last month and taken to Canberra for his first haircut ever. These kids today with their long hair!  Anyway, after his haircut they said he was 'a new man'... Happy, frisky, and almost 90 pounds lighter.  Enough wool, they say, to make 30 sweaters. As if we care about how many sweaters 90 pounds of wool can make.  How's this..It'll make 48 yards of our broadloom product Granada. Now that sounds much better don't you think?
Specials Anyone?
Pictured here are a few containers of Mill Specials heading our way.

We like to buy stuff and we've got it stacked to the rafters. As a result, it creates some outstanding savings and profit opportunities for you. Here's how. Many mills have an 'off goods' list where slightly and sometimes significantly irregular stuff is sold at good prices. Our specials list is NOT like that. It consists of some items that have been discontinued but mainly items that were purchased from our European suppliers SPECIFICALLY to be sold as specials.  They're all first quality things, and they're all available cut to the exact size you need at no additional charge.
Here's an example: Natural Choice..a grid-like loop pile texture that is 100% natural. No chemical dyes, no mothproofing, cotton primary back, jute secondary back, and natural rubber latex to hold it all together.  All this at a very attainable price for products in this category.  You can see Natural Choice and all the values available on our Mill Specials List as well as regularly updated information on yardage and colors available by clicking that tab on the home page of our website. Or, because we like you, you can take a shortcut and click here.
Great Instock Values

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