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Unique Perspectives - September 2015

Unique Perspectives
You Like Us!
Well many of you do anyway. But it's a start.
In their July issue the folks at Floor Focus Magazine
presented their annual survey, What Retailers Think. In the list of  "Favorites", manufacturers were rated in three categories; service, quality, and design. And although we didn't win outright in any of the categories, we were one of a very few manufacturers who were mentioned in all three categories in both the Favorite Carpet Manufacturer and Favorite Area Rug Manufacturer lists. This is actually surprising considering our small niche in the marketplace. Of the thousands of carpet retailers nationwide, we do business with less than 5% of them . So to get that sort of recognition when more than 95% of the retailers in the country don't even know who we are is really pretty special. Thanks to all of you who voted for us. Check to follow.
winning business team
This isn't us. We're not this well dressed and we didn't get a trophy.
Happy Birthday To Us
We've passed a major 
30th Birthday
milestone in the history of Unique Carpets Ltd. We've just celebrated our 30th year of continuous operations. Considering the changes and consolidation that has happened in our industry during that time, that we are here at all, still growing, in our own well-defined segment of the market, and with sales growth month after month, is quite an accomplishment. But before we get tendonitis from patting ourselves on the back, the truth is this wouldn't be possible without your support.

So from all of us...THANK YOU!
Product Review - Bolero

As we regularly tell you, our multi-page price list has, by conservative estimate, about a jillion products on it. So if any one of them to climbs into the top ten, it's a really big deal, and Bolero has done just that. Year to date Bolero ranks third in overall yards sold and second in dollar sales and is beginning to apply some serious pressure to our perennial top seller, Softer Than Sisal. This is particularly impressive since it has been in distribution for only about a year. Bolero is a study in understated subtleties. From its almost-patterned texture, through its soft, barely-heathered color-ways, Bolero's appeal is apparently partially based on being completely un-offensive in its understatedness.  But for whatever the reason, Bolero is finding its way into an ever increasing number of homes. If you haven't had the opportunity to show it recently, give it a try. You'll be pleased with the results and your customers will be thrilled with how beautiful it looks on the floor.
Study This. It will be on the mid-term exam.
Wool is a highly specialized, aesthetically pleasing, and reasonably exclusive fiber. It represents only 3% of the global fiber market and the United States is not a major player in wool production.  We import far more than we grow. And what's up with that? The top ten wool producing nations are:
  1. China 400,000 metric tons annually
  2. Australia 362,000
  3. New Zealand 165,000
  4. United Kingdom 68,000
  5. Iran 61,500
  6. Morocco 56,000
  7. Sudan 56,000
  8. Russian Federation 55,300
  9. Argentina 55,000
  10.  India 45,500 
The worldwide total for all wool producing nations is 2,066,695 metric tons
A metric ton is 1000kg or 1.10231131 tons.  Is that exciting or what?  You gotta love stuff like that!!
Of the wool produced in the United States the top three producing states are:
  1. California  11% of total production           
  2. Colorado  9%
  3. Wyoming  9%
Collectively they represent nearly 30% of the wool produced in the US.  Those not listed are slackers; with the possible exception of Utah which ranked fourth.   But that's it.  O.K. and maybe Texas which was fifth. The rest truly are slackers.

We're stacked to the rafters and we've still got lots of new items in the pipeline so a little housecleaning is in order.  Accordingly, the following products have been discontinued and remaining inventory has been moved to specials.
  • Cascade Naturals
  • Sierra Naturals
  • La Scala
  • Zephyr
Please check with us for availability and pricing
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