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Unique Perspectives - August 2015

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Unique Perspectives

News Flash... It's Hot!

guy in front of fanHows that for spot-on reporting? No one can say we're not among the sharpest crayons in the box. So when it's hot like this, we recommend a houseful of wool carpet.  What?  Wool?  Once again, you may think we don't have both oars in the water but check this out. Wool is a natural air conditioner helping keep you cool and comfortable in summer and warm and cozy in the winter. Natural wool has an amazing ability to absorb moisture from the atmosphere; as much as 30% of its weight without even feeling damp, which makes it not so sticky when it's hot and sticky. Nice! But wait, there's more: When it's cold and dry wool releases moisture which helps reduce the crummy itchy dryness of winter. Also nice! So wool is not only an investment in luxury, it has real world impact on heating and air conditioning expenses. Now don't you feel bad that you questioned whether or not we are among the brightest bulbs on the tree?


Here's a Brilliant Idea! Custom Colors

Our current price list shows over 65 broadloom products available in over 500 colors. The vast majority of those colors are "full-house" background shades. A nice way of saying beige and variations thereof. There's very little in the way of green, blue and red, but there are a whole lot of perfect neutrals that pair beautifully with green, blue, or red. Great! But maybe you've got a bright idea that you'd like us to duplicate your own perfect shade. Medium light olive-drab with a touch of pink? No problem! Our ability to custom color wool cuts, loops, and multi-colored patterns as well as nylon loops in solids and heathers is unsurpassed. They're all made right here in Southern California so our turn-around times are quick, and our yardage requirements are surprisingly low. Even lower sometimes if you ask real nice. So give us a try. You'll like the results. 

Custom Rug Solution

Rolls Royce

Although we claim that we love to share shots of some of the custom rugs we make, the truth is we're trying to shame you into ordering several. And why shouldn't you? They're not expensive. As an example, a 2015 Rolls Royce Wraith Coupe costs just $308,700.00. For that kind of dough you could own seventy-five 9' x 12' St. Moritz rugs and still have a few thousand in walking around money left over. So let's pick up the pace. 

Diamond Pattern custom rug But in the meantime take a look at this one. It's a 14' x 29' custom variation of one of our standard Contemporary Classics patterns, Antiquity. Custom in that the pattern is approximately 150% of standard size and it also includes a border. It's tufted using one of our standard in-house grays and as good as it looks in pictures, this rug is fantastic in person. So whatever you're looking for from a totally custom masterpiece to a subtle variation on a standard design, or anything in between, we got that. 


With the roll out of four new Stainmaster PetProtect products continuing and with several new wool products being readied for launch we've just had to make room and clear out some slower selling items. Those discontinued products are: 

  • Wellington
  • Stratford
  • Diamond Head
  • Symphony

Please discard any samples you may have of those items.

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Marrakesh - 2179
Wellington - 4173
Valiant - 4116

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