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Unique Perspectives - July 2015

Unique Perspectives

The Ensemble Collection

Medley, Rhythm, Jazz, Sonata: We previewed these products last month. Here's a little more. With most soft floor-coverings you get your choice of High-Fashion or High-Performance, seldom both. That's not the case with The Ensemble Collection. Combining well engineered products using the most exceptional man-made fiber ever created with fashionable textures and color-ways ensures you get both. High Performance and High-Fashion in perfect harmony.

MEDLEY is a soft, flowing shag with the added benefits of exceptional durability and unsurpassed colorfastness, all in a pet-friendly texture.

RHYTHM is a loop-pile stripe whose stripe is bold enough to add interest to the floor and subtle enough that it won't conflict with other design elements.  Rhythm co-ordinates with Jazz, its companion product.

Jazz room - chair with sax

JAZZ uses a unique and proprietary blend of colors to create its subtly multi-colored texture. High-styled luxury combined with the legendary performance capabilities of a low-profile loop. Coordinates with Rhythm.


Sonata room
Two Color Sonata

SONATA is a precision-refined cut-pile presented in a magnificent texture that can best be described as a 'parallel plush'. It's offered in six solid and two two-color color-ways.


In almost five years of this newsletter's publication we've not had one Errata...I mean error. Well than run has ended. Last month we published the winning articles in our Submit-an-article-Win-a-Pulitzer (either that or a Sanitaire Vacuum) Contest. And we left out half of the article, the name of the Co-Winner, AND the photos. Hey! We seldom errata, so when we do, we go big. Below is the prize winning article in its entirety. Our apologies and congratulations to the deserving winner.

Custom Rug Solution

One of my very favorite clients had a dilemma. She had sold her Dana Point vacation home and had purchased a new one in Coronado and was trying to tie some of furniture from the old house in with the new, more beachy style of the new house. In particular she  had a distressed china cabinet that seemed a bit drab for the new house, and wondered how to tie it all together.


Martin from Unique Carpets came to the rescue and we met at a Starbucks in Escondido to hatch our plan. He brought a giant string of pom poms with all the colors of the rainbow (the lady at the next table was excited as she thought it was new yarn colors for knitting) and he showed me how to create a custom colored rug. We used the browns and greens from the china cabinet, added in a few shades of blue to transition towards the aqua rug in the living room and a few strands of white yarns to add some pop and freshness.


The process was simple; pick your color combination, select the style of rug (we went with the Aurora Borealis) and order up a custom pom for the client to approve, place the order and have it installed. Easy as 1-2-3.


The fun came when the customer decided that she should also order an area rug for her kitchen. The NEVER practical me actual said "you want a shag rug in the kitchen?!"  But the client is always right so we used a piece of art work as our inspiration, picked a few shades of chunky blue yarn, added thin strands of white and went with the retro look of "Vintage Shag".  She now has a funky shag rug in the kitchen in front of her 50's style fridge and stove.  Sandy feet, dogs, guests, and kitchen spills - who cares?  It looks great- and isn't that the point?

This was submitted by Myrna Everett of Carpets By The Sea. Myrna is an experienced and successful designer in the San Diego area and surprised us with a 'testimonial' article. We were really not expecting articles of praise with this contest, but hey!, we like being told how swell we are. Thanks Myrna.
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