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Unique Perspectives - May 2015

May 2015
Unique Perspectives

Robotic Hand Tufting

Cracked Ice Custom Rug
Cracked Ice Custom Rug

We manufacture a lot of rugs and use a lot of different methods of manufacturing in so doing. We bind broadloom using leather, faux leather, cotton, and linen. We inset and hand-carve rugs. We hand-serge rugs. We precision machine-tuft some of the most luxurious rugs available anywhere in the world. We also manufacture them in a method we call Robotic Hand-Tufting. It's computer controlled perfection in single needle tufting and we love to show you the results. Like the one shown here which was called 'Cracked Ice' and was made for a model home here in Southern California. But as spectacular as the results are, is this really hand-tufting? Our robots don't have opposable thumbs. Heck they don't even have hands fercryinoutloud! Maybe we should call it hands-free hand tufting. Or not. We'll work on that.

We have an entire collection of standard patterned rugs that have been the inspiration for some of the custom patterns we do. View our Contemporary Classics Collection brochure 

We Specialize in Specials

That might not be entirely true but we do purchase a large quantity of first-quality merchandise from the world's finest manufacturers, specifically to sell as specials. And in so doing, we don't need to invest jillions of dollars in sample sets, books, and displays that only make YOU yell at us when we try to sell them to you. No all we do is make a few cuttings and send them out. It's clean, efficient, and the money we're not spending on samples results in some very nice savings for you. So if budgets are tight, check our specials on-line. We regularly update our site so that what you see is most likely available but for the most up-to-the-minute information, give our Customer Service department a call.  

The photo here is of one of the available products, Cardiff.  It's 100% pure wool at a very affordable price and is an example of just one of many products available now. Check them all out in the Mill Specials section of our website.
Win Wonderful Things

Last month we gave you the opportunity to provide us with a brief article and if it was published here-in, you would win a shiny, red, exotic Sanitaire vacuum.  The variety we recommend by name AND gleefully pilot ourselves whenever the opportunity arises. Assuming you've read our newsletter you're well aware of the fact that the bar is set pretty low. How tough could it possibly be to get something published here? So break out the typewriter already and write something pertinent, witty, and short

Also: We offered a 6' X 9' sisal rug to the person who submitted the best installation photo.  That would be photos of our carpet.  The judges frown on reviewing Mohawk installations (beautiful though they may be).  You've got thirty more days so let's pick up the pace and send us something.

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A new Collection: High fashion and high performance in perfect harmony. 

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