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Unique Perspectives - April 2015

April 2015
Unique Perspectives

What goes great with all that hardwood you're selling? WOOL!

We hear from almost all of our customers how much hardwood they're selling. Hand scraped, distressed, blah, blah, blah! Here's a super sales tip that will positively help you sell more "UNIQUE" wool. Take that beautiful wood with its natural hues and satin finish and place it next to a shiny polyester carpet. Guess what, IT'S UGLY! Nothing will bring out the natural beauty of wood like 100% wool.

 The naturally delustured finish and deep rich color create a complimentary harmony of natural finishes. The subtle heather captures the same aesthetic beauty of wood grains. A classic berber flecking compliments the flecks in wood or the natural variance of stone. One of the reasons your customer is buying wood is because it's natural. It's not because it's the cheapest option. So there goes the theory that people don't want to spend money. Do your customers and your profits a favor and set that wood sample against one of our 60+ wool styles and watch how your customer tells YOU how much better it looks together! Then when you close the sale remember to thank your Unique Carpets Ltd. sales representative for the tip!

Win Something Swell - "The Game is Afoot"

Author At Work

We're giving you the opportunity of a lifetime. Write an article for our newsletter and win your very own Sanitaire vacuum model SC888. The brand we recommend by name on a regular basis. 

That's right a brand new shiny red Sanitaire. 

Are we generous or what?  Assuming you've read this newsletter previously you can tell that our standards for literary expertise are, well...pretty much non-existent. Make it brief, pertinent to our industry, informative, witty, in other words, all the things we currently lack. We'll give you sixty days and you too could gain national notoriety and possibly a Pulitzer prize. Submit entries via e-mail to the address below.

But Wait There's More

Send us a photo or photos of a magnificent carpet installation. That would be a magnificent installation of Unique carpet. I know, we're being awfully picky here. And if yours is chosen for publication in our newsletter, you'll win a beautiful bound 6' x 9' sisal area rug of our choosing. That's right, we pick..but the price is right. So if you have any you'd like to share send them via e-mail to and you could win a really nice rug and on-page credit.



Get Ready

Something really unique is cooking in our product development department. Those maniacs are at it again and its, well...its big! All we can say is save some space and save some money and get ready for something really special. 


Pssst.  Here's a hint.  Its carpet!
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