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Unique Perspectives - February 2015

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February 2015
Unique Perspectives

29 Shades of Gray

Last February we ran a similar article but titled it 50 Shades of Gray. We were lying! We only have 29, but for some inexplicable reason 50 Shades of Gray sounded better. Anyway, Gray has become an incredibly important color in interior design. We've even heard some people claim it's the "new beige". Well, if you know anything about us it's that we love beige. Heck, we're beige-er than a 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass. So when we hear something is the "new beige" we take notice. And here's why; we feel carpet is the foundation upon which good design is built. So if lime green or bright orange are the hot colors we don't need to provide versions of those colors, we need to provide you with subtle background shades that augment those colors. Something in a beige perhaps? It's sort of like the mat around a painting should enhance the painting but not be the focal point. Anyway, we've got grays from steel gray to pewter and just about everything in between. So when you're in need of the "new beige", we got that.

More Custom Designs

Custom Runway stripe

We were recently surprised to hear that some of you have not committed to memory the subtle custom nuances and unique flexibilities that exist in our product assortment.  Which is shocking considering there are only 72 running line broadloom products, 41 standard rugs and 41 different edge treatments. Not to mention two different cut-to-order underlay options. 


Based on that we thought we'd give you a little background information on the photo shown above; It's a custom variation of the standard pattern Runway, which is a subtly heathered cut/loop stripe that was introduced in this newsletter in December.  It's tufted using one of the largest yarns we inventory which immediately separates it from any other cut-loop stripe on the market. In this case the customer wanted to accentuate Runway's natural stripy-ness by adding stripes of various colors. The result is pretty spectacular. The photo below is a made-from-scratch custom option showing another equally exceptional stripe in a 100% loop-pile configuration. 


So when your needs lean toward custom rugs or specialized broadloom you don't need to be an expert in our custom flexibility. Let us be your un-paid, in-house design assistants and take care of all of that for you. Just send us your drawings, swatches, scribblings, fabrics, whatever, and we'll show you what we can do.

Custom loop-pile stripe
Insulate This

Shown here is a Yurt. Actually, a pair of yurts. They are Mongolian versions of mobile homes and have been used by these nomads of the Central Asian steppes for over three thousand years. And they've known for all that time that wool is an excellent insulator. In fact its 50% better than anything else used for that purpose, which is why they've used 100% natural felted wool for insulation and weatherproofing in walls, ceilings AND on their floors. This is the time of year in most of America where a little extra in the way of insulation is a good thing and one of the real benefits of pure, natural wool: Cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Energy is not going to get any cheaper, so remind your customer that wool will reduce home heating and cooling costs by providing better insulation. Now we're not suggesting that you sell your customers on also using it on their walls and ceilings, but what the heck, we've got plenty, why not give it a go.



You want it when?

O.K., we've all seen this crummy cartoon. We'd personally like to meet and have a meaningful exchange with the guy who thought such a thing was funny. Anyway, regarding product availability, we've got some very good news and we've got some not-so-very-good news. Starting with the very good news; nearly half of our sales come from products we import. Accordingly, we feel it's important to maintain a large standing inventory since it takes a while to float containers into our Southern California facility. So we have a lot of stuff. In fact, over ninety percent of orders placed are filled from existing inventory. Nice! Here's the not-so-good news: Apparently, someone told the West Coast dock workers that a starting power forward for the Portland Trailblazers makes more money than they do. Can you imagine such a thing? Oh the inequity of it all!! So they've decided to slow things down a tad until they can be justly compensated. And the boats at the Port of Los Angeles waiting for a berth are stacked up to Santa Catalina Island. So if we happen to give you an availability date that seems a bit lengthy, hang in there, we're certain resolution is in sight.

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