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January 2015
Unique Perspectives

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We've spent a lot of time creating a website that provides you with a lot of useful information and if you haven't seen it... Well actually, if you haven't even seen it we'd have to say we are very, very disappointed in you, but back to the point... if you haven't seen it lately, we've added many features to make you better able to answer any number of questions that may arise during your business day. To highlight how swell our site is, we've got information on:

  • The environment and carpet.
  • Care and maintenance for wool, nylon, sisal, and seagrass
  • Every photo image we have is available for your use right from the site. You can download them in either conventional, or large-format files. They're ideal for use in promotional pieces, on your own web site, or for posters and banners. And they're all free. You don't even have to ask.
  • Information and photos of every Unique product and every color-way.
  • Helpful links to products and services that we recommend like vacuums and cleaners and shag rakes OH MY!
  • Copies of every single one of these masterfully penned pieces of literary genius (back issues of this newsletter). And we're entering our fifth year of 'publication' so there are plenty.
But wait! There's more... We're adding new and helpful stuff all the time. As an example; downloadable specification sheets of all our products will be added soon. So if you haven't looked at our web site lately, check it out. In fact, do more than that. Study it! Learn it! Live it! Make us proud.
Orange? We Got That!


Well we're not in Orange County, but you'd never know it from this picture. Actually, Riverside County is right next door and used to be the citrus capital of the world, so we're allowed to make orange stuff. And so we did! 

Orange St. Moritz

This is a custom version of our product, St. Moritz. In its standard configuration, St. Moritz uses yarn the size of your finger and has a face weight of 150 ounces.... closing in on ten pounds of yarn per yard. Obviously, being certifiable, we felt this just wasn't enough. We felt it needed a smidge more yarn so we added a few more pounds and custom dyed it to the subtle color-way shown here. It's a 10' x 15' on its way to Michigan (Perhaps to a relocated and similarly crazed Californian) and, all kidding aside, it's truly magnificent. If you've got customers interested in citrus flavored rugs, give us a call. Something perhaps in lime? Limes are nice. Especially with Tequila.  

Rug Underlay

Uni-lock Pad

We love saying underlay. It sounds much more high fashion than "pad" and at some point if we wanted to raise the price we could justify it by saying "It's not just pad, its underlay". Hmmm, we may have to give that a try. Anyway, if you're looking for exceptional rug underlay, we've got it. It's Uni-Lock and its unique construction of 100% pure vinyl holds rugs firmly in place over any hard-surface floor. Uni-Lock provides exceptional impact resistance for longer rug life and, unlike some natural pads, it won't scratch, mar, or discolor the floor. Additionally, unlike pre-packaged pads that are available in pre-determined sizes, Uni-Lock is available in any size you need. Plus you don't need to inventory the stuff. Just order them one-at-a-time as needed. Even Better, if you order one of our AWESOME rugs and you add the pad it comes rolled up right inside your rug, but that's not necessary either. Order what you need and put it under anything you like. Are we accommodating or what?

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