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Unique Perspectives - December 2014

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December 2014

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support this year and to wish you the very best of the Holiday Season and a prosperous 2015!


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Unique Perspectives

Lastest Discovery


After extensive field research we must report that, sadly, the world does not have four corners. But if it did, our intrepid explorers would search them to bring you the best values in precision tufted wool carpets. However, lack of corners aside, that doesn't stop them from searching the world over and in distant, exotic, and remote Belgium, they've made quite a discovery. It's our latest broadloom product and we've named it, oddly enough, Discovery. It's a ribbed and decoratively striated loop-pile that's being offered at a very competitive price.  Crafted exclusively for us in 100% pure new wool, Discovery has a color palette of four subtle natural heathers that we're sure will have broad appeal. We're currently excavating samples just for you. Expect a preview in the very near future. 

Very Special Specials

Sales Guy


Hey! Look over to the right. If you're looking for specials, you've come to the right place, providing of course you're looking at the section marked SPECIALS. We've got specials. We import from the finest manufacturers in Europe and aside from providing many of our running-line broadloom products, they also provide us with some very special, special buys. These may be trials that never made production, discontinued items, or just over-stocked items they want to get rid of. Regardless, they represent exceptional values. Unlike many of our contemporaries, our specials are ALL first quality material. AND you are not required to buy full rolls to get the special price. Buy what you want.  It's all available on a cut order basis at the same very special price. Are we special or what?  

The Newest Addition To The Contemporary Classics Collection

Runway Contemporary Classics


The Contemporary Classics Collection is a range of custom, made-to-order rugs that combine very contemporary yarn sizes, colors, and textures with very classic design themes, hence, Contemporary Classics.  A name which once again proves the genius-like qualities of our marketing guys. Anyway, we've added a new one to the collection; Runway.

Runway is a new variation of the very traditional cut/loop stripe. Its big, bold texture is created using one of the largest yarns we inventory. It's a 100% felted wool yarn and is available in five natural color-ways with just a hint of Berber fleck. Runway is custom-made in the exact size you desire and can be custom-dyed any color you wish with extremely small quantity requirements.

Runway Colorways

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