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Is This Really News?


The news guys say that if a dog bites a man that's not news because that happens all the time, but if a man bites a dog, well that's a whole different deal. Therein lies the problem. Is it newsworthy that we announce a new product?  We're always announcing new products! Two months ago it was newsworthy that we'd gone a whole month without a new one. So what are we supposed to do here?  Oh what the heck. We'll announce it...

We've got another new one. It's called Ritz and it really is something worthy of some sort of recognition. It's a tailored, ribbed loop that blends solid-colored soft, natural wool with a bright, shiny, metallic accent yarn of PET (Polyester). With a color palette of five well rounded natural colors, Ritz will be easy to work into just about any design theme. Look for it soon and we're sure you'll agree this is the nicest piece of un-newsworthy stuff to come along in quite a while. 

Ritz New Product
Our fact checker tells us this is our 48th newsletter and RITZ is the 40th new product introduction listed.
Fire Safe Wool


Fire Safe sheepAs we enter the Holiday Season temperatures are falling and Jack Frost has begun nipping at a lot of noses. And why he enjoys doing this is known only to Jack. Anyway, as the Season progresses and creosote infused Yule Logs begin shooting embers across the family room, and candles spread their warm glow, and chestnuts begin roasting on open fires, it's a good time to remind your customers of the exceptionally unsurpassed fire-safe qualities of wool. Wool is the most fire-safe textile material used in interior refinishing. 

  • Wool carpets have exceptionally low levels of flammability and represent the logical choice for creating safe, healthy indoor environments.
  • Wool is naturally flame-resistant and its performance exceeds that of all other commonly used textile fibers
  • Wool is difficult to ignite due to its higher ignition temperature
  • Wool has a low heat of combustion and a low rate of heat release. Please don't ask us to explain this one!
  • If wool comes into contact with another burning surface, it won't melt or stick and is self-extinguishing once the initial ignition source is removed.
  • Wool forms an insulating char when it burns and emits less smoke and toxic gasses than formed during combustion of synthetic fibers.
Beyond Beige


When you think of Unique Carpets Ltd., what color comes to mind? Beige? When you think of us are you reminded of your grandfather's tan 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass? Well, get over it!!! If you want colorful custom rugs, we've got them. With over 150 standard yarns (that's right, one hundred and fifty) in-stock and readily available in a wide range of colors, our ability to custom combine them in textures and color-ways created uniquely for you is virtually without limit. Additionally, if the standard shades aren't just right, most of our yarns can be dyed to the exact color you need then crafted in dense cuts, bold loops, flowing shags, or custom patterns and delivered to you quickly from far-off and exotic Riverside, California. No waiting 6 months for China or India to get it wrong. Each custom coloration is given a serial number so that all your hard work cannot be shopped. The formula is registered to YOU to help you keep your sale! So go ahead, pick a color, any color.

Custom color options

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