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Unique Perspectives - October 2014

October 2014
Unique Perspectives

Our Latest Broadloom Introduction

Coming soon is our next broadloom product, Envoy and its going to be big. It's a subtly striped companion to our just launched Ambassador. In fact, its color-ways are created using the same un-dyed natural colors used in Ambassador making for some very interesting mix and match possibilities. And speaking of Ambassador, it's been one of the best received new product introductions in years. It's going to be big. Since Envoy is the companion in the same big, bold texture, we're expecting a similar response and of course a similar level of bigness. Envoy will make a great addition to your product mix and is ideal for either wall-to-wall or area rug application. And we've even got guys here who can bind it, serge it, border it, or just wrap it and send it your way...whatever you want. So feel free to sell as much as you like and be a part of something really big.

Envoy New Product  

What The Heck is R-Value?
insulated sheep
A well insulated sheep

Well it's not the same as an R Type Jaguar, or a Suzuki GSX/R 1000, it has nothing to do with going fast. It's all about heat: Or specifically the insulating properties of any material. And the rating system used to compare these materials is referred to as R-value. In this system, the higher the number, the better the insulating properties of the material being tested. Good news!  Wool carpet is a better insulator by about 50% than any other flooring material. However, when radiant floors enter the picture, insulating isn't necessarily a good thing. The radiant floor guys don't want anything on their floors that inhibits the heat flowing through and warming those cold December nights. Most of them want the carpet and pad to have a combined R-Value of around 4. They're sooo demanding these guys! More good news! Just about any Unique broadloom carpet in combination with just about any pad will work just fine. So if you've got a contractor asking really boring questions that you can't answer about R-value, give us a call. We can give you specific numbers for every product we make and every pad you can think of.

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We're often asked "who writes this stuff and why hasn't he been institutionalized"?  All we can say about this "Most Interesting Man" is that he does get an occasional work furlough allowing him to focus on his incoherent scribblings. The balance of the time he's safely tucked away where he can spend his time designing sample books and displays, working on the never ending stream of new product launches, color lines, product names, and assisting with technical questions and customer service. All while sufficiently medicated. He is NOT the Most Interesting Man in the World but, like him, he once parallel parked a train.

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