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Unique Perspectives - September 2014

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September 2014
Unique Perspectives

Cushioning The Blow

Rebond carpet pad We know there are plenty of folks out there who have very strong opinions about what types of carpet cushion should be used. And of course, those opinions vary.  Some manufacturers feel so strongly, they'll void warranties if you use a pad they don't like. Yikes!  They're tough! We're not like that. Use what you want.  But we do have a favorite that we recommend. Its good old rebond. 3/8" thick, 8 to 10 pound density. What's this 10lb density all about? Well, if you put a one foot cube of this stuff on a scale, it would weigh 10 lbs. Pretty clever those pad guys eh? Rebond in this density provides an excellent feel underfoot and won't 'bottom out' when walked on by some heavy footed lout. It's reasonably priced. It won't flatten out in traffic areas, won't rot or mildew, and in most cases it doesn't need to be removed should your customer choose to replace the carpet. Some manufacturers guarantee it for life. Not the life of the carpet, your customer's life. But whatever you choose, pad is something that should NOT be compromised because:

  • It adds to the useful life of the carpet by reducing the impact exerted on it by up to 50%.
  • An appropriate pad makes the carpet feel richer and more luxurious
  • Padding significantly improves carpets acoustical properties (It's not very noisy in a carpeted room).
  • It improves the carpets thermal insulation properties (it saves on energy costs by keeping things warm and cozy in the winter).
  • It reduces maintenance costs.  How you ask?  We have no idea.
History Lesson

candlewicking Machine tufting of carpet grew out of the hand craft of "candlewicking" that was practiced in the mountain areas of Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina in the early twentieth century. In Candlewicking a hook pulls yarn through the backing material and a loop is formed when the needle is pulled back through the material. This loop creates the surface pile. As this process became mechanized in the 1950's its roots remained in the same area of the southeast which is why the tufted carpet industry in the US is concentrated in northeast Georgia (Except for a small handful of unique goofballs who liked to hang out at the beach so they moved the process to California).

News Flash 

empty floor

We know you're accustomed to our monthly new product introductions, but shockingly, we're NOT introducing a new one this month. Nothing new from Unique will be covering the ugly floor shown here. We got nuthin'. OMG! But you needn't worry about our well-being. Business is strong, sales are up and we're profiting from profits. All is well. We just dropped the ball. We'll try to do better next month.

Happy New Zealand Sheep 

If sheep could vote, they'd rule New Zealand because they outnumber the human population by more than 10 to 1. But, based on their quality of life, they really don't need to be politically active. Most New Zealand sheep lead an idyllic life. They live in a comfortable climate, eat grass and are free to roam in search of it. They're never in feed lots and never eat anything that's been sprayed, treated, or planted specifically for them. It's all naturally growing good stuff straight from the earth. Plus with so few sheep per acre, they've got plenty of elbow-room (although sadly, no elbows) and never have to fight the crowds to get a meal. All that AND free haircuts twice a year. No wonder New Zealand sheep grow such highly regarded wool. Virtually every Unique wool carpet is either 100% New Zealand wool or uses a large percentage in the blend.

Happy Sheep

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