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Unique Perspectives - July 2014

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July 2014
Unique Perspectives

Custom Rugs

Located just north of San Diego on Pacific Coast Highway in beautiful Del Mar California are the offices of Design Line Interiors. They design and provide interior materials in model homes for many of the West Coast's premier upscale home builders. And they pull no punches when it comes to furnishing these exceptional homes in ways that enhance their exceptionalness. Shown here is

Garden Gate, a rug custom-designed to combine a very traditional design element with a big, contemporary texture and the result is really stunning. Using our Contemporary Classics, Couture Coordinates and Shagtastic collections as starting points, these folks regularly specify and design custom combinations and patterns that are truly spectacular. 


custom rug


This photo was taken in our facility and once it's in the model, we'll photograph it and include it in an upcoming issue. In the meantime, while you're waiting to see that, you can feel free to order several rugs for your own customer's use.  We've got no problem with that!

Nobody Buys Those Anymore!!!

bordered rug  

Well, somebody bought this one. So there you go.  Disparagingly referred to as Cut-and-Paste rugs, we prefer to call them Inset and Hand Carved. It not only sounds so much nicer it allows us to charge more.  Whatever you call them, the fact is that broadloom rugs, bordered or otherwise, are understated options to more colorful or patterned rugs and we're called upon to build them on a regular basis. Shown here is a rug using our Accolade as the border material and Four Seasons as the field. These types of rugs provide warmth to otherwise cold hard surface floors and are low-key accents to the furniture pieces sitting atop them. Plus, since they start life as broadloom, it's easy to have a rug made to coordinate with carpet used elsewhere in the home, even in the same dye-lot. Is that swell or what? 

Coming Soon? 

Ambassador New StyleSince we seem to start each newsletter announcing another new product we thought we'd change things up a bit and put that announcement way down here at the bottom of the page and title it Coming Soon rather than Our Latest Introduction. Oh yeah! That really makes a world of difference! But the truth is; no matter where we place them in the newsletter or how we title them, we just can't stop bringing out new products. So, COMING SOON, is Ambassador, an ever-popular big-bubble loop-pile carpet that really does deserve top billing. This style provides a new and improved replacement for our recently discontinued Titania. Manufactured using 100% pure natural wool each magnificent color-way is created by blending the natural colors that exist in wool. No chemical dyes are used. We've also broken out the eraser when pricing this and it's being offered at a far more attainable price than many similarly constructed products have historically been priced. And Coming-Not-Quite-As-Soon will be Envoy, a companion product in the same construction in subtle, compatible stripes. Look for them, you know....soon.

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