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Unique Perspectives - June 2014

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June 2014
Unique Perspectives

More New Products!!


Oddly enough, our product development guys really like developing products and they do so with horrifying regularity. To be kind they are...well...nuts! But they do have a lot of new and exciting things in the pipeline. One of the upcoming broadloom items is Revue. It's a big, bold loop-pile wool with a very unique texture. It creates a lot of visual interest on the floor much like a pattern but has a lot more design flexibility than most patterns; which is an uptown way of saying it rhymes with more stuff. It'll be available in four subtle yet visually appealing color ways. Using no dyestuffs, each color-way is created by blending the natural colors that exist in wool. We're in the final stages of sample design so you can expect to see the beautiful end results of our lunatics' best efforts in the very near future.

Revue New Product

Got Sisal? 


Sisal? Seagrass? We've got it! For wall-to-wall or area rugs, we can cut it, bind it, border it...whatever you want.  With binding materials from cotton and linen, to vinyl and leather in over fifty different textures and colors, we can provide an edge treatment that perfectly fits your needs. Shown here is our product Tonga; a big, bold woven sisal used by Elizabeth Schmidt Interiors of Cincinnati, Ohio in a beautiful lakeside home. This home was featured in the June issue of Traditional Home. To see the entire article, click here. So when your clients needs include natural fibers other than wool, think of us and let us help you get some national press!  

Traditional Home Sisal Bedroom

Did You Know...
  • A sheep, on average, will live between 10 and 12 years and during that time it will produce between 80 and 100 pounds of wool. That means it will take one sheep's entire life's work to produce enough wool for one 8' x 10' Aurora Borealis Rug.
  • Sheep eat about 1000 pounds of grass per year or around five tons in a lifetime. So it takes five tons of grass to fuel one sheep to grow enough wool to manufacture one 8' x 10' Aurora Borealis Rug.
  • We were about to tell you how many gallons of rainwater it takes to grow a thousand pounds of grass, but enough already!!
  • Wool is comparatively stronger than steel. And we have no idea what that means since we've never seen a 100% wool suit of armor. But it does sound reassuring.
  • Wool is fire resistant. More so than any other fiber used in interior design. 
  • Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture from the air without feeling damp. So it's a natural air conditioner that absorbs moisture in periods of high humidity and releases it when conditions are dry. With no increase in utility bills. Nice!
  • Sheep were domesticated over 10,000 years ago in central Asia making sheep raising the world's oldest organized industry. Make that world's oldest legal organized industry.
  • There are approximately 900 different breeds totaling over one billion domesticated sheep in the world today; which means we can make a lot of Aurora Borealis rugs. We'll do the math on that and get back to you.
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