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Unique Perspectives - May 2014

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May 2014
Unique Perspectives

Updating a Classic


Softer Than Sisal is our perennial number one selling product.  We've sold thousands of yards every month, month after month, year after year, for nearly thirty years. What's up with that? This is supposed to be a fashion industry. Fashions come and go. So why does it just keep selling? Well...we haven't a clue. But maybe because it's beautiful, beautifully constructed, well priced, and problem free. Whatever the reason, it's an unqualified winner. And so, we've given it a bit of a facelift, adding a bit here in fashionable new colors, removing a bit there, in older, outdated colors, and will be re-introducing it in the next few weeks. We really like the updated version and are certain you will too. Look for it soon.


Softer Than Sisal Update  

Rug Sales? Think Big!


Our custom rugs aren't just for your well-heeled residential customers. They're ideal for seating areas in hotels, corporate offices and retail showrooms. For your commercial clients, custom rugs are a great way to think beyond wall-to-wall broadloom or floor tiles. Not instead of... In addition to. 

Improvisation Office Rug
Improvisation, from the Shagtastic Collection

Progressive AE in Grand Rapids, MI did just that for one of their clients, Steelcase. The goal; to place the company's products in simple yet magnificent vignettes was realized by placing the products on custom Shagtastic Rugs: A beautiful backdrop for beautiful products. This has been so successful that several of the company's showrooms are doing the same thing. Shown here is the Dallas showroom. So if your commercial clients have re-decorating budgets, don't let them waste their money on artwork, vases, or other nonsense. Sell them a rug or, better yet, rugs! And we'd be happy to help you out with that.

We Have A Winner!

In our stupendously magnificent sweepstakes drawing we had some interesting entries. One was titled 'Pick Me! Pick Me!'. We didn't. Another was titled 'We have a winner'. We did, but that one wasn't it. Hey! It was a drawing! We can't be swayed by cheap and tawdry marketing.The winner of a brand new red (like a Ferrari) Sanitaire vacuum is Rena Cant of Complements Home Interiors in Bend Oregon. 

vacuuming cartoon

Congratulations Rena! As soon as we receive photos of Rena piloting her new Sanitaire model SC888 up and down Century Drive in beautiful downtown Bend, we'll send them along.



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