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Unique Perspectives - April 2014

April 2014
Unique Perspectives

Custom Rugs Recently Completed


Hedgerow closeup
Hedgerow with a custom combination of standard yarns

Hedgerow closeup
A big, bold interpretation of a Series 1000 color-way

Hedgerow closeup
A contemporary take on a classic design

In our standard Shagtastic, Couture Coordinates, and Contemporary Classics collections we have 58 running line styles offered in 244 standard, and might we say, spectacular, color-ways. But that's not good enough for you people. Oh no, you have to add your own touch, from subtle tweaks to full on custom patterns. What is it with you? Actually, it's April and we're just foolin'. We love this stuff and can assist you in making your own one-of-a kind custom masterpiece. From just minor variations in a standard product to a completely custom pattern and all are available in any shape or size imaginable, we're here to help and can provide you with design assistance, poms, renderings, or samples to make the final decision easy. Most of that assistance is free, some of it (like custom samples in custom-dyed colors), not so much. There's no one better able to assist you in creating custom rugs that are available in surprisingly short time-frames than Unique.

Lanai - An Update

Lanai architect folder  

In February we announced the soon-to-be-launched broadloom product, Lanai. Well it's now here in all the traditional sample sizes and you can consider it officially launched. We hate to be pushy, but you need this product! With just a handful of samples distributed thus far...Okay, maybe a fairly good-sized handful, sales have been spectacular. In fact, we think it just may be our best received new product launch ever. We're not surprised. It combines a sleek, low-profile texture of 100% pure New Wool with elegantly understated striped color-ways and a surprisingly affordable price. Hmmm...Maybe we need to break out the abacus and take another look at that. Anyway, it's here, ready to go, and we're confident it'll be an excellent addition to your product assortment.

Undyed, Natural Wool

There are those who wish to be as environmentally benign as possible. We do have an assortment of products for those folks. They are Sierra Naturals, Cascade Naturals, Softer Than Sisal Naturals, Four Seasons, and Stratford.  These products use no chemical dyes; their colors are created by blending the natural colors that exist in wool.  Hence, no powder blue.


But those who want powder blue often ask why natural dyes are no longer used to create color. Well over one hundred years ago, synthetic dyes came into being due to population growth and the need to use irrigable land for other uses than to grow indigo, saffron, madder, and woad (woad? Like wocky woad?) strictly for use as dyes. Dyes used to dye wool are all well established acid dyes and if your customers have furniture, curtains, upholstered automobiles, and clothes, they regularly come into contact with this stuff. Additionally, natural dyes generally have poor lightfastness properties and require heavy metal mordants (to help natural dyes affix to the fiber) so they really aren't necessarily an environmental improvement. By comparison, acid dyes have no toxicity concerns and are not hazardous to the environment since exhaustion of the dyes onto wool is almost 100% so there are only minimal traces of dyes in the outflow.  Read this again, it may be on the final exam.

Great Instock Values

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