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Unique Perspectives - March 2014

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March 2014
Unique Perspectives

Updating a Classic - Santorini

For more than fifteen years, Santorini has been one of our top products only outsold by another classic, Softer than Sisal. Together these two account for over15% of total yards sold companywide. Wow! That's pretty impressive considering we have well over 100 products listed on our price list. Anyway, back to business: So updating such a product is a very big deal and we're happy to say for the past several months we've been doing just that. Very soon you'll be receiving samples of the New Santorini in a great new folder with a beautifully refreshed assortment of color-ways. Since it's not good policy to mess with success, the important things still remain. Things like the same un compromised quality, the same great texture in pure New Wool, and the same very attainable price point. Get ready, samples in all the conventional sizes will be available soon.


An Amazing Sweepstakes

On our website, in the Care and Maintenance section there is a tab, Helpful Links. In it you'll find many recommended products and services. One of them that we constantly blather on about is a Sanitaire vacuum (model SC888). Here's why: Many new vacuums offer lots of power and lots of stiff brushes spinning at high speed. The use of these is not unlike taking a tiller to your carpet.

Don't take a tiller to your carpet. We're not harvesting here, we just want to do a little cleaning and grooming. Sanitaire vacuums do an excellent job of soil removal, and with manually adjustable, soft bristles, they groom the carpet as well. In fact we're going to give one of you the chance to win one in our fabulously amazing sweepstakes. 


Here's what you have to do. E-mail your particulars to In the subject line put "Send me a Sanitaire". I know, I know, we're asking a lot here. On April 15th we'll pull a lucky name from the hat, er...inbox, and if it's you, you'll be blissfully cleaning and gently grooming until the end of time. Can you believe it? We really are fabulous aren't we?

Speaking of FREE Stuff
Free Stuff

We have, at no cost or obligation, free, that's right absolutely FREE!!! photographs available for your use. These are room settings of our carpets and rugs and are ideal for use on your website, for point-of-sale material, or in your print advertising. We would always appreciate on-page credit but you won't be hearing from our attorneys if you choose not to include us by name. We may pout a little though. These images are so free you don't even have to ask. They're download-able right from our website. On our home page click on Dealer Support, then click Images. They're available in either regular jpeg format for e-mail or web use, or large format files that are ideal for printing. 

We're regularly updating this section with new images so if you include photography in your marketing efforts, check back on occasion. One more thing, in the Dealer Support section you also have access to our logos just in case you want to include us by name. You know! Just in case.

Rimfire Room
Rimfire - Contemporary Classics Collection, one of many FREE images.


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