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Unique Perspectives - February 2014

February 2014
Unique Perspectives

Our Latest

Actually, its soon-to-be our latest. Its not quite ready yet but we thought you deserved a private viewing. It's Lanai and it's a short, dense loop-pile carpet of pure New Wool. It's a combination of sleek-contemporary good looks and unparalleled long-term durability. Available in four sophisticated and understated pin-striped color-ways Lanai offers great aesthetics and outstanding soil-hiding properties for today's active lifestyles (a nice way of saying its ideal for slobs). AND, most importantly, it's offered at a very affordable price so it's bound to have broad based appeal. Look for it soon.

Lanai - new style  

WANTED - For Crimes Against Humanity


Wanted Poster -groundhog

Phillip Groundhog, alias "Punxsatawney Phil" was recently spotted in western Pennsylvania threatening six more weeks of winter and apparently that was no idle threat. This never-ending winter has had a devastating effect on many businesses nation-wide. In our world, not many folks are willing to break out the John Deere with plow attachment just so they can spend a carefree day of shopping for carpet. But unlike the restaurant business where business lost is lost forever (If I can't make it to the local eatery for some Chateaubriand and a flagon of fine Bordeaux, I won't wait until spring for my next meal, I'll just stay home and enjoy a can of tuna and jello) in our business the need is still there; the existing carpet is ugly, frayed and getting uglier and frayeder by the minute. So not to worry! Once they dig out, customers will be back. Additionally, unlike some of your snow-bound suppliers, being based in Southern California we're here every day making carpet and shipping carpet so if you happen to have a customer, we can fill your order. In the meantime, keep your eyes open for a suspicious looking groundhog.

Speaking of Bad Weather

Why not add a little insulation to the floor? 

Wool carpet is a natural insulator and helps keep things cooler in summer and, more importantly, warmer in winter. Warm, cozy, and comfortable wool carpets are shown to have 50% better insulating properties than synthetic carpets and can reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 12%. Additionally, wool carpets are compatible with floor mounted radiant heating. So do your customers a favor by not only providing them beautiful and luxurious pure wool carpet, but by saving them money on energy costs as well. Are you great? Or what!

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